So you are worried about Al Qaeda being in Libya? There is a far bigger threat and giving assistance to Daffy Duck

This will be the shorter post, I will do a longer one at my alternate site. However, I want to draw your attention to this article at the American Thinker. For your information, the real threat in Libya is Iran, not Al Qaeda. The Grand Pooh Bah, Khamenei is an ally of Gadhafi. He has sent people to Daffy Duck to give assistance.  By the way, regarding those rumours about what is taking place in the border regions and the smuggling of arms, except for the French drop, those arms were not and never were going to the revolutionaries. They were being smuggled for Gadhafi but the Daffy Duck regime put out false information to make it look like the revolutionaries were the ones smuggling arms. I guess a lot of people got that information wrong.

This ties in very much with the feeding of false information about the people who have been behind the revolt against the criminal Gadhafi. It ties in with the false information about border activity on the Algerian border, and it ties in with the false meme about Al Qaeda as well.

A lot now rides on the ability of the revolutionaries being able to push against the remaining military forces. I do know that there continues to be a weakening of those forces. If they can push towards Tripoli then Khamenei will lose this one.

However, Khamenei has been meddling in Syria as well, and Khamenei is involved in Lebanon.


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