In Memorium: Betty Ford

The former First Lady (who was a real lady), Betty Ford has passed away at the age of 93.

You can read about it here. You will also notice that Betty at least knew how to dress properly and bring dignity to the role of First Lady.


3 responses to “In Memorium: Betty Ford

  1. Betty Ford was a trailblazer. Her openess and candor with her bout with breast cancer just weeks after her husband took office was responsible for bringing awareness to a disease that was never talked about, and enabling other women to feel able to talk about it openly and get the medical attention they needed. It has been written that after she went public, there was an increase in the number of mamograms. Her later struggles with alcohol and drug dependancy made it aware that no matter what your station in life and who you were, it could happen to anyone. She truly left the world a better place with her willingness to be open to discuss her struggles in the national spotlight. God rest your soul, Mrs. Ford. You will be missed.


  2. Betty and Jerry will be deeply missed in the Vail Valley (their 2nd home for some 40+ years). As an everyday working stiff I had the luxury of lunching with the President and First Lady, attending the Bravo concerts at Vail Ford amphitheater with them and driving the children to Denver airport. No, they never knew me, but thats the kind of everyday people they were. I remember Betty out in front of the house doing her own gardening and waving as I drove by. How many 1st Ladies do their own gardening?


  3. Bilal, as a a fellow person from Colorado, I can vouche for your comments on their permanent legacy in the Vail valley. She will be deeply missed.