Australia’s own incompetent usurper Marxist

Yes. That description fits perfectly with regards to the current Prime Minister of Australia. She is a Marxist, but she has tried to hide her past allegiance to the Fabian Society. To gain power she stabbed the incompetent Kevin Rudd in the back. It was a very nasty dirty thing that happened. This is a woman whose word you can never trust. To retain power she stole the election after we ended up with a hung parliament. She did this by selling out to the watermelons led by the despicable Bob Brown and the fairy at the bottom of the garden Christine Milne, oh and did I mention the Marxist Lee Rhiannon? Lee Rhiannon is yet another extremely nasty bitch who has made her way into the Senate.

On top of that the lying bitch stated during the usual election hype that she would not introduce a carbon tax. This issue is just like the issue you had with Abominablecare. The Australian public do not want this carbon tax, just like we do not want the flood levy foisted upon us because Queensland Govt did not have flood insurance.  More than 90% of the Australian public is stating no to the carbon tax. It is falling upon deaf ears. Talk about a Pinocchio nose, the lying bitch Juliar-the Marxist – Dullard claims that most Australians want this wealth distribution tax.

Australia has been bombarded with the claims from the most incompetent and lying bunch of scientists known to mankind – the climate scientists who are nothing more than scam artists and scaremongers. There are some rare people, like Judy Curry who actually tell the truth so this is not aimed at those who are competent in doing their work. It is aimed entirely at the scaremongers and those bottom feeders who take taxpayer money to fund their worthless projects with worthless conclusions. The claim that the planet is warming is not based upon fact. It is based upon dodgy data, with base stations placed in positions where the temperatures will always be a little bit higher, like near a tarmac, or air conditioning units. The computer models are a joke, and they exist purely to agree with the current hypothesis. The fudging of the computer model data just shows the degree to which these incompetent scammers keep lying to the public.

I live in Canberra, the watermelon capital of the world. I find it extremely annoying that even my parish priest is indulging in what I term mushroom fodder. You can bet that he gets me angry week by week, and yesterday he nearly made me lose it… I cannot believe that a priest would stand in front of the congregation and more or less crow about the forthcoming tax that will in fact reduce what we have available for the plate. All in the name of stupid green crapola. The whole thing is a scam. It is a lie. It is all about wealth redistribution.

What is worse, the “compensation package” gives out more that what is being projected for income from this stupid tax. It seems that those supporting this crapola are too incompetent to see that if there is a shortfall between incoming and outgoing, it logically means that the Government budget deficit will be increased, not reduced. This will mean more government borrowings, which means there is less investment money available for the private sector, which in turn means that if businesses cannot invest in the future because of the lack of funds, then jobs will disappear. Did I mention that one possible consequence of this stupid crapola tax will be higher unemployment as firms begin yet another round of moving their companies off-shore?

It looks like Australia’s path to economic destruction, thanks to the incompetent Marxist, Juliar Dullard, is now almost complete. The mere fact that the Watermelons now have the balance of power in the Senate is enough to want to go drown one’s sorrows.


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