Brit Hume on the Department of Justice

HotAir has up a post featuring Brit Hume from Fox News. His statement, which in my view is a strong one, is that the DOJ in regard to Fast and Furious as the whiff of the Nixon DoJ. The comment is an interesting one.

This is probably the first known comment from a news outlet. Perhaps, with Brit Hume making this comment, it will start being picked up by the rest. I cannot see how they can continue to bury the Melson testimony.

If the LSM will not do the job, then we will have to do it for them and start asking the hard questions:

1. Who authorized this program? The answer is that it started under Bush.. but here is another question… how did the program change when there was a change of regime? In other words, did the Bush Administration or DoJ approve of the gun running or did they actually do their jobs and stop the guns actually getting into the hands of the Mexican cartels?

2. What did Eric Holder know and when did he know it?

3. Who gave orders to Eric Holder?

4. Was Janet Napolitano (the boofhead) involved? What orders did she give?

5. Who gave Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder orders in this matter?

This is far worse than the Watergate break-in. The efforts to pervert the course of justice and to prevent the Congress knowing the details means that there is a massive cover-up that needs investigation. The real question is about the ultimate boss – when did he know about Operation Fast and Furious? What was the real plan?

Eric Holder must be forced to resign.



2 responses to “Brit Hume on the Department of Justice

  1. Aussie says, “Eric Holder must be forced to resign.”
    I couldn’t agree more, Aussie. I have been extremely busy with a house guest for two weeks and have been limited as to surfing the important blogs. This morning I have been reading here – some very good articles!

    This is way OT, but have you seen this?
    Madness! Republicans Support Pigford Fraud from Fear of “Additional Litigation”

    It is noteworthy that Rep. Allen West has admitted his vote was a “mistake”, while other Repubs remain silent. Talk about the “additional litigation” being a valid reason. How ludicrous can something be?


  2. Cabby I saw that article. Maybe I need to read it again 🙂