HotAir continues to push the extremely boring Pawlenty, but it looks like the donors are waiting for Perry

HotAir is reporting that in a number of States there is an expectation that if Rick Perry decides to join the Presidential race that there are large donors waiting on the sidelines. This is despite the fact that HotAir continues relentlessly to push the ever so boring Tim Pawlenty.

Here is what I think:

1. Michele Bachman is the absolute novice in the field. Herman Cain is only just above her when it comes to being a novice.  Neither are totally ready for the big run. Of these two I think that Herman Cain is the better candidate. I have real doubts about Bachman. I know that she is preferred by some people, but if you look closely at her record it is not as conservative as you might expect. On the downside to Bachman for me, personally, was her naive response regarding the fake birth certificate. She has refused to touch the issue.

2. Mitt Romney is too much of a RINO, but he continues to be the darling of the MSM. Think about that statement.

3. Ron Paul is too old to be considered a serious contender. He is also too extreme in his views. On a par with Ron Paul is Gary Johnson. I expect Gary Johnson to be knocked out of contention very early in the primaries.

4. Tim Pawlenty has some conservative features that are well liked but he is a mixed bag and there is no way that Pawlenty could beat Østupid. He is simply not the candidate.

5. If Sarah enters the race I do believe that she will get a lot of backing. There are lots of independents who support Sarah Palin.

6. Thaddeus McCotter and Jon Huntsman are probably the joke candidates. Huntsman is a more extreme RINO than Romney. His Watermelon credentials should be enought to sink him to the bottom of the ocean. McCotter has his vote on card check as an albatross around his neck.

7. Rick Perry: Is he the one? He is the most experienced of those who are ex-governors. He has a very clear conservative record on most things. I think he would run rings around Østupid.



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