Where to now with Chicago corruption?

Tom Fitton, writing for BigGovernment has an excellent post that covers the corruption in Chicago politics. Please read the link. However, it is the conclusion of the article that is important. This leads to the Oval Office and it is the lies and cover-up.

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  1. Hi Aussie,

    I am perplexed. Truly perplexed. I just visited CW and he is trashing Rupert Murdoch and FOX news for actions of his employees at News Corp. that took place (my understanding) a decade ago. I know that FOX is not perfect, and Bill O’Reilly leaves a lot to be desired, (he truly dropped the ball with the eligibility controversy and for that reason among others I don’t watch him), but overall FOX gives an alternative view to the MSM which is wholly in the tank for Obutthead. I especially like FOX Business because they are more conservative.

    Now let’s go back a few months to CW. A certain poster was so abusive there that many good people were run off, and others were banned for simply challenging or disagreeing with him. Some speculated that he had taken over the blog, and that CW was no longer in charge. Some figured that he was really the OBOT that he accused everyone else of being. I think it was Cabby who used the term “projection”. Anyway, that was the reason other blogs such as this one sprang up in order to be a safe haven for the exiled. Forgive me if I am “miss-remembering” but this is what I recall.

    My point is, FOX is the only alternative we have to the MSM. I know we have the internet and talk radio, but losing FOX would be terrible. I’m thinking that CW has indeed been taken over by (shall I say?) sinister forces. And I think Leo’s fingerprints are all over it.


  2. Hi, SueQ,
    CW’s commentary has perplexed me also. I don’t read over there as much as before, because when the star poster over there now gets off of work or college she just absolutely monopolizes the blog with those long, repetitive posts.

    Your memory, IMO, is right on, but I personally don’t feel that Leo has anything to do with it now. Once in a great while he has made a couple of benign posts and that has been it. I believe that the conversation I had with his mentor has had something to do with his absence but am not certain, of course.

    I agree that we shouldn’t attack Fox in this way, because it is the only network that still has some conservative voices. All we have to do is look at Bummer’s disdain for Fox to learn how much this network is hated by our enemies. No, It has not been perfect by any means, but are we going to jump on the bandwagon for its destruction just to spite it for the things we have not agreed with? That would be a foolish and unwise move to me.

    Hope your husband’s health has stabilized, and I wish you the very best!


  3. I have to disagree. While FOX is the most newsworthy of the bunch, they let far too much slip through the cracks. I’m not Anti FOX, I’m more skeptical of BIG media in general right now. If News Corp was hacking numbers and it was a widespread accepted practice within their organization, they need to accept the harsh scrutiny.


  4. This is a great topic for conversation, and I encourage you to continue with this particular conversation.

    SueQ you are correct that the CW blog was trashed by one particular candidate, but there were some others such as Starla who have chased people away. I have tried to be reserved with regards to my thoughts on the postings of that particular person. Anyway, she is repetitive, and she will post on more than one posting the same stuff. Often times it is out of date, and others have posted the same thing weeks before her.

    When I have taken a look at CW I have noticed that the one who was trashing the blog, which in effect helped me to create this blog has been absent. May it stay that way for as long as possible.

    I might think about writing up a post on the hacking, because it is quite involved. I do not know if anyone hacked the phones of the 9/11 victims. I suspect that this is just a witch hunt gotcha.

    You are correct the whole thing happened almost a decade ago. This is why I do not understand the scandal happening right now.

    The worst part of course is that the editors of News of the World actually thought it was ok to hack the phone of a girl who had gone missing. The Milly Dowler case has just been resolved in the UK with the man who kidnapped and murdered her being sent to prison. However, her parents faced a most disgusting attack on the stand by the lawyers of the man who killed their child. It is getting late over here, so no time to write the long post.


  5. Paxson, the hacking was actually not widespread. It was one paper in the organization, or at least it was confined to the UK papers only.

    I prefer the Murdoch press papers here in Australia. My favourite columnists write for the Murdoch press. Like Fox the papers are mostly conservative. As far as I know the editors of those papers have never participated in phone hacking. The same would be true for Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal. I cannot imagine that they would have done such a thing.

    This scandal is turning into the perfect opportunity for a witch hunt. I promise I will have some posts on the subject, but right now I guess I have been pre-occupied because of political developments here in Australia.

    Our usurper Marxist Prime Minister, who just happens to be female has well and truly over-stepped the mark and is intent upon destroying the Australian economy by introducing a tax on carbon dioxide. If you click on my links to my other blogs you will see some posts dedicated to the subject, and I have not been careful with my language!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you have not done so, please look up the details on the Milly Dowler case. Rupert Murdoch has personally apologised to the family of Milly Dowler. They, in all graciousness have accepted the apology.

    So far there have been several more arrests of ex-editors of News of the World. This is in relation to the hacking scandal. This scandal involves a lot of famous people, and I might add it includes the phones of the Royal Family being hacked. It also means that members of the police force in the UK are complicit in the hacking.

    I will continue to trust Rupert Murdoch, even when I do not agree with the direction of his politics. It is because he at least tries to be fair and balanced, which is something that is missing amongst a lot of the remainder of the LSM.


  6. Hi Cabby,

    You are probably right that Leo has nothing to do with the direction that CW has taken. I suspect that it is one of those “concern trolls” at work there.

    My husband has recently finished his sixth month of chemo. He had a CAT scan last Mon. and we will meet with his doctor this Mon. to learn the results. I am SO hoping that no more will be required and that he can now begin healing.

    Thank you for asking Cabby. My best to you!


  7. Hi again Aussie,

    Please post the links to your other blogs. It would be interesting to commiserate with you about our Marxist leaders. Is there nothing they won’t tax and regulate?


  8. Hi Sue, if you click on the links on my blogroll, especially “A little bit of this” you will find what I have written… but caution… there is a bit of language 😦

    Please keep us informed about your husband, and I do hope that the chemotherapy has been successful.


  9. Aussie, like I said, I’m not anti-Murdoch or anti-News Corp. I’m disgruntled with big media in general; of which News Corp plays a big role.


  10. Aussie,
    “Green Goons”, “Mushroom Fodder”…Oh my! I’m speechless! Ha ha. In fact…hardy har har! Such language! Did I miss something? So cute you are. I’m afraid I would never make it in Australia if that is what passes for harsh language. I truly try to watch my tongue, but by their standards, I would be escorted out quickly.


  11. Oh… I see you used the word “bitch” in regards to Gillard. Well Damn! That changes everything. Off with your head.


  12. Dang SueQ I just lost my head… yep I called her a bitch. I would never use the c word, even though she might also deserve that expletive as well.

    People over here are irate.


  13. Paxson, yes I understand about being disgruntled with Big Media. All the same Murdoch is not the biggest player.

    What about Ted Turner? The left-wing own about 3/4 of the media organizations and that is world-wide. The NY Slimes is a typical example of what is produced by the left wing. Papers like USA Today that were quite OK in 1984-85 are now quite disgraceful because the standards have fallen.

    If you all give me some time I can work up a post that will include relevant details about the Milly Dowler case.

    As it stands, things are still breaking. Rebekah Brooks has been arrested, as has another NOTW exec for the same hacking thing. Yet all of this happened more than 6 years ago.

    I have a lot of questions about why Scotland Yard did nothing until now. However, there has also been a very big Scotland Yard scalp. The scandal is growing.

    I happen to be one person who really has a big dislike for the antics that took place. I believe that people have the right to some privacy, and that goes for their private phone conversations. On the other hand, if a criminal is up to no good, or a certain group of Lutherans (if ya know who I really mean) are up to their plotting and tricks, then I have no problem with security listening to their conversations and catching them before they set off more bombs… those darned Lutherans cannot be trusted too far.

    I just have to start gathering some information together that will pinpoint more clearly how this happened.

    For the record I do believe that there is no substance to the claims that anyone attempted to hack the phones of the 9/11 victims. For starters there were too many of them…..


  14. Aussie | July 18, 2011 at 9:50 am |

    …People over here are irate.

    Tell me about it! People over here are irate as well. I didn’t realize (though I should have, or really didn’t give it much thought) that these same problems that the US is experiencing are being felt around the globe. Who the hell is pushing this agenda? Satan? God save us! Aussie, you have really opened my eyes.


  15. SueQ a part of the answer lies in the description of a Watermelon. It is green on the outside and red on the inside. The red is actually Marxism. The green is meant to disguise the Marxism and hide the agenda.

    Our Prime Minister is another usurper. She stabbed Kevin Rudd in the back. We had an election last year, and it ended in a hung parliament.

    The bitch claimed that there would be no carbon tax but she was lying. She made a deal with the Greens, and she did some underhanded things to make sure that she retained power, when in fact the Opposition had won 1 more seat than her party, but did not win enough to govern in their own right.

    She is considered a liar, and people have totally switched off to her.

    I do however, think that we can find the source of this problem. It is Communism and Socialism. It is the way in which the media is full of individuals who hide the truth so that their favourite leftist agenda is constantly promoted. Yet, it all boils down to Communism.