Which is worse?

The idea for this question has come from a comment I saw on Andrew Bolt’s blog, so I am going to pose the question here, since it affects American politics. Which do you consider to be worse:

1. providing a site for a hacker such as Bradley Manning and then releasing top secret or secret documents via the press.

2. hacking the phone of Jude Law and then reporting on his infidelities.

3. hacking the phones of murder victims, and victims of terrorist attacks.

I am giving three options here in order to try and bring perspective into the issues, and to point up the hypocrisy of the left-wing media.

For the record, I am against all three options. However, here is my analysis:

Options 1 and 3 together are worse than option 2, however, option 1 has far reaching consequences that are not experienced in either of the other 2 scenarios.

The hacking done by Bradley Manning and the uploading of secret documents that he stole from the US Department of Defence and elsewhere is a criminal offense, and I might add, it was the committing of treason. Top Secret and Secret documents are classified that way for a reason. The leaking of those cables put some lives in jeopardy. It was devastating in Afghanistan for example, leading to the deaths of several Afghan leaders. It also lead to threats on the lives of other individuals in Africa.

The hacking of the telephone of Milly Dowler was disgusting to say the least. It is because the messages were erased that led police and her parents to think that she was alive, when in fact she was dead. This also led to the police not pursuing all of their leads, which meant that a dangerous man was allowed out on the streets for a longer time which enabled him to commit further crimes. The parents went through a nightmare, with the father being fingered as a suspect, when in fact he was innocent of any wrong doing towards his 13 year old daughter.  The alleged hacking of the phones of terrorist victims has not been proved. It would be bad on the same level as it was bad in the Dowler case.

I continue to be against the pursuit of celebrities within their personal lives. I really do not care about the way that these people with over-inflated egos conduct their lives. This includes being against all phone hacking as well as photographers who haunt people. This is on a par with the hacking of the personal email account of Sarah Palin. It is a criminal offense, and anyone caught hacking into the personal business of another should face jail time. This also applies to the journalist who did a break and enter at the Alaska Governor’s mansion during the 2008 elections, when a personal diary was stolen and Oh golly gosh, there was a spelling mistake….. That journalist should have been charged with the crime of break and enter, and the theft of personal property.

The reaction of the left-wing media shows up their hypocrisy. Why do they defend Julian Assange, yet decry News of the World? Both situations are on a par, with the release of Top Secret information being a lot more serious.

I know why they are reacting that way. They want to shut down debate. They do not want us to have a voice. They want to filter the information that we receive. Last night as I watched the news, for example, I listened to one reporter and noted at least 3 lots of misinformation. Here in Australia, as we battle against the red-haired witch that we dub Juliar (and I swear at some angles her nose really reminds me of Pinnochio)the Marxist Dullard (Gillard), there is a new push for a “media inquiry”, not against the obvious left-wing bias of the leftist papers, but one that is directly against the papers who have sought to give the truth to the population about the fact that carbon dioxide is not pollution, but is an invisible gas, and is the very air that we breathe out. The man who started the push is a Watermelon, and he cannot stand the scrutiny that he is now receiving, thus he dubs the NewsCorp papers “the hate media”, but that is not true. All of the hate comes from the Left – every single last drop of hatred comes from the left.

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