Diplomatic Immunity?

No. It is not about DSK. This is a story from the U.K. and it concerns “O Bummer”. The news article that I read actually starts off with “O bummer” (at least it did that in my reader) and then talks about a traffic fine because the US embassy refused to, or has failed to pay a “congestion tax”.

The real meat in this story is the failure of the US Embassy staff in London by racking up millions of dollars of traffic fines and not paying them. I am assuming that they think that they have diplomatic immunity and that they can do as they please in London.

2 responses to “Diplomatic Immunity?

  1. His limo is dubbed “the Beast”. How appropriate. But this rather large fine smells of a “shakedown” which the American taxpayer will get stuck with, as well as his lavish trips. Hey UK, cut us some slack. I grew up in northern VA where many foreign diplomats resided. They and their teenage children constantly broke our laws (traffic as well as others, including vehicular homicide) and were granted immunity. Doesn’t make it right, I know.


  2. The fine is actually small. What has happened is that the Embassy have been refusing to pay ALL fines claiming diplomatic immunity.

    Traffic laws should be obeyed by everyone and especially by members of the diplomatic corps when they are in another country.

    Anyway, this is a good subject to open up…..