Been expecting this to happen – UK hacking scandal

The new inquiry has now spread (as it should) beyond NewsLtd and NOTW. There has never been any doubt that other papers also indulged in the same grubby methods employed by NOTW and at last, it is catching up on those who have been loudly criticizing Rupert Murdoch.

My view on the scandal is:

1. It is old news. If there is not fresh evidence that the hacking continued beyond 2007 then this fuss is about a witch hunt against one individual.

2. Rupert Murdoch had used a leadership style where he expected those he hired to do the right thing. Those in a responsible position in the UK are ultimately responsible for what happened in theUK.

3. The new story about FOX News and Roger Ailes sounds like it is a “get Roger” type of story. I honestly doubt that there is any truth. Can you also say “sour grapes”, because the way I read that story it sounded like vindictiveness.  In other words, no hard evidence means hearsay which is not evidence of wrong doing.

Here in Australia, we have a Marxist Prime Minister and Senator Bob Brown, the leader of the Watermelon Party making noises about wanting an inquiry and an introduction of a licence as to who is fit to print a newspaper. This, in my view is extremely dangerous. NewsLimited has always been very fair and balanced and the editorials reflect the nature of a given situation. At the moment NewsLimited journalists are doing the job that the others will not do, that is they are questioning the intention to introduce a carbon-dioxide tax. The present Prime Minister wants to shut down any dissenting voice. This is extremely dangerous. We want and we are demanding that we have a General Election. The Prime Minister does not have a mandate to introduce this carbon-dioxide tax.

My husband has been hit more than $70 per pay due to the unnecessary flood levy that has been imposed upon people in a certain income bracket. This is a very big hit on our disposable income. A carbon dioxide tax, as it has been proposed will hit even harder. There is a “compensation package” that reminds me of the waivers with regard to Abominablecare. Such a package is untenable and unnecessary, and it points up the fact that the whole thing is nothing more than a wealth redistribution effort.

On top of that, the CEO of my own ISP has written a blog post outlining the current expected pricing of the NBN connected service. It is going to be ridiculously expensive for most people to take it up. However, the post goes beyond the pricing as it outlines what is wrong with the government interfering in the current market with its changes that will cause a rise for people in more remote areas to get network access due to the proposed set-up. I do not understand all of the jargon in his post, but I get the gist of what he is saying. The proposed pricing structure is only half the story.

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