An opinion piece by Andrew Bolt – hacking scandal

Andrew Bolt has his column on the hacking scandal. He starts off about the fact that a BBC employee got in touch with him, asking if he was going to resign. Andrew gives a response to this question, and he delivers a perspective based upon the fact that he is an employee of News Ltd.

Please take the time to click on the link and read what Andrew has to say on the matter, because he raises some interesting things regarding journalist ethics and the Australian situation.

The big thing I get out of this is that the “hacking” was confined to a small number of employees in the UK and that those who are in hysterics over this scandal that happened several years ago are equally guilty of what might be considered something that is far worse.

The Age, which is run by Fairfax Press here in Australia, is a good example of the hypocrisy of the left wing media. The Age has done two things that are abhorrent. They hacked into the ALP database that contained information about ALP consituents. They also paid big bucks to get hold of the documents held by Wikileaks under Julian Assange.

My view happens to be that the leaking of secret cables is by far the worse crime, and considering that the Left wing media were salivating over these “cables” (emails) I find it outrageous that they considered publishing information that damaged a number of people in diplomatic circles. On top of that the damage done by the release of the information could have included a worsening of relations between Australia and the USA, as well as the worsening of relations between Australia/China – and the list goes on. At least one lot of releases were such that I found them to be funny, of no value, and just proving that the person involved was big noting himself in a rather ludicrous way, but the press were all pumped up about that particular story.

The release of those emails affected top secret information. As such this activity was treason. I do not believe that “free speech” or “freedom of the press” should be defined by releasing top secret information that has an effect the threat to the life of another person.

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