I have just seen reports about a twin attack in Norway that has left at least 17 dead and many others wounded. There has been a bomb blast in Oslo and another attack at a campsite on a small island. It is not clear whether this was a Lutheran attack or whether it was an attack by members of the Religion of Peas, or even an attack by the Watermelons. I am linking to only one of the reports and it is quite comprehensive. I will place this as a sticky because more information will become available.

The man who attacked the young people on the island was a blond. So I guess this was an attack of the blond people against those who are a little bit different? It looks like he has murdered at least 10 youths who were at the camp. Some of the teenagers jumped into the water to get away from him. A witness claimed that there were at least 20 dead but police said it was only 10 at that site. There are at least 7 dead at the Oslo site.

More updates to come.


Please visit the following link for an update. It must be noted that the person arrested is a Norwegian. It must also be noted that considering the person attacked offices associated with the government, as well as the children of the sitting Labour Party in Norway, that there is an explanation other than jihad involved. 

It could be that the person is associated with neo-Nazis that continue to exist in these European countries. I personally do not consider Neo-Nazis to be of the right, or even the far right, as I see them as being to the right of the far-left. In other words they are still left-wing, but they are to the right of the Communists.


This is extremely tragic. I have just been reading the British Press and it now looks like there are more than 80 dead young people on the island where the Norwegian national had opened fire upon them. What is worse, he had laid explosives on the island. I assume that he placed the explosives at some prior time.

The link that I have just posted has photographs from the scene of both incidents. So far there has been no links to anyone else. It seems to be the work of one person who had something against the ruling Labour Party. There does not appear to be any link to any Jihadi group, although one group claimed responsibility but then took that message down. Other than speculation there is no link to any left or right wing group, but I assume that this will come out when the suspect is charged with the murders of at least 88 individuals and the attempted murder of dozens of others.

Fortunately it was a Norwegian holiday which means that the number of dead and injured in the Oslo blast has been mitigated. I hope to hear from my Norwegian friend who is a paramedic at some point. I feel certain that he has been called to help during this horrific tragedy in Oslo today.


The picture that is emerging of the perpetrator of this horror is truly bizarre. The left-wing press cannot wait to claim that he is some kind of right-winger who hates Muslims. Apparently the man did hate Muslims, and it appears that he was setting this up to look like an attack by Muslims. Truly bizarre. However, hating Muslims does not make a person a right-winger. The opposite could be true as well.

What is really bizarre is that he struck the young people whose parents are members of the Labour Party of Norway. It sounds like he had some kind of grudge against the youth camp that is held every year on the island where the worst of the atrocity took place. Considering that he is some kind of bio-farmer, and a resident of the island, it could be that he had a grudge about them holding the camp on the island in the first place. His actions seemed to have been directed against the government. I do not see that as right-wing politics, but as something else entirely. His anti-Muslim feelings might explain why he used a car bomb to destroy the government buildings. In other words he was setting up the scene so that Muslims would get blamed for the bomb blast.


The LSM claim that the perpetrator is a Christian. They are unfortunately very ill-informed about the Knights Templar. A little bit of research on the Internet threw up the information that the modern Knights Templar are in fact Freemasons. Also, the Freemasons in Norway have owned the perpetrator. The other thing to note is the political persuasion. He seems to have links to the neo-Nazis as well as the Norwegian Progressive Party.

The Norwegian Progressive Party are very similar to the Libertarians in the USA. They believe in less government and less tax. They are not extreme, but it is their anti-immigration of Muslims stance that has earned them the tag “extreme”. 

Considering that the man is a Freemason, he cannot be regarded as a Christian.


Something else that has come to light with regard to Anders Breivik is his use of a cocktail of drugs known as an ECA stack. The Google search on ECA stack was unhelpful. However, a search under amphetamine and psychosis is extremely helpful. Based upon comments by his lawyer, who stated that he thought that Breivik was insane, there is the gem, that Breivik was using strong drugs during his attack. Those drugs were a high dose of what is known as an ECA stack – Ephedreine, Caffeine and Asprin. The combination is used for weight loss.  We know ephedrine as one of the properties for amphetamines.

Someone taking amphetamines can end up being criminally insane. The person is capable of doing lots of damage during the period when the amphetamine is being effective. Amphetamines are also used to calm down children and adults with ADHD.  However, it is the fact that aphetamines has the ability to alter one’s psyche that is extremely significant in understanding what took place.

On top of this, I have just been reading the Wikipedia entry about Adolf Hitler. To my surprise, I did learn that Hitler started taking amphetamines by the late 1930s, which explains to some extent his refusal to surrender.

There is no doubt in my mind that Breivik has been heavily influenced by Nazism in all of its ugly aspects. I would actually suggest reading theat Wikipedia entry, even though I would dispute some of the conclusions that were made within the article.

Perhaps, within that article one can start to grasp the truth about Breivik’s ideology. Always keep in mind that Fascism is the other side of the coin to Marxism. They are both totalitarian ideologies and both spruik war.


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  1. I have written a post on the following site:

    in relation to the massacre in Norway. The aspects that I want to take up in regard to the attack will now centre upon the LSM and their obvious omissions, as well as discussing the meaning of left and right in politics.

    I think it is more than time that we stopped stating that Nazis were of the right or even extreme right. They are not. Nazis, neo-Nazis and dictators such as Pinochet are leftist. This is based upon the fact that they desire big government or rather they control the means of production and control ownership of property which is diametrically opposed to the meaning of free enterprise.


  2. As long as we’re psycho analyzing here, I came across an article in which the killer stated that he was raised by an ultra lib mom who tried to feminize him and was successful to a point.


  3. Can I just say this… please sisters correct me if I’m wrong… I don’t believe it is our place as females to ever try to contribute to the feminization of males. The distinction between us is wonderful. Let’s keep it that way. Maybe, by just marrying them we civilize them a bit. But let men be men. Sometimes I think some of this crazy behavior in the US is due to that. Rush calls it “chickification”.


  4. Sue, I agree. We should not feminize our sons. We should be raising them to be fathers of their own children, not turning them into namby pamby males.


  5. Thanks Sue. I had seen other parts of the manifesto, but those parts do make it clear that Breivik is a Marxist or at least a fascist, or better yet, what I have stated on my other blog where I have written a couple of pieces – he is a Nazi!!!