Not jumping to conclusions

Right now, there are a number of media reports about the alleged affiliations of the Oslo mass-murderer. Needless to say they are sliming right wing and Christian fundamentalist groups.  I suspect that the man had other motivations and that he was setting up both the Muslims and the Christian fundamentalists that exist in Norway. I suspect that he wanted both groups to point the finger and to clash over what has taken place.

What is confusing the issue is that one until now, unknown Muslim group was quick in claiming responsibility for the bombing (but not the massacre of the youth – toll is now 85 young people dead). If there was any truth in their claims on the bombing this would be a complication and would point the finger right back at them. The problem is that the man who has been arrested hated Muslims.

Here is my theory on his probably motivations: he is a former resident of the island. The island is now owned by the Norway Labour Party. The Norway Labour Party (which is not extreme left but more like centre-left) is the current government. The young people on the island were attending a summer camp, and they are the sons and daughters of members of the Labour Party. Someone who is unbalanced could easily blame the young people for losing his home on the island (speculation at best). This could be way he aimed both the bomb and then the massacre at the Labour Party of Norway. Another possibility is that he is some kind of bio-farmer. Did he have his farm shut down? It is another possibility.  However, that does not take into account his hatred of Muslims.

Here is another theory. He had a girlfriend who was raped by Muslims, which is now commonplace in Oslo. This in turn led to an extreme hatred of Muslims. He blames the government because they allowed these people to migrate to Norway, and since being there the number of rape cases has increased dramatically without anything being done to curb the situation.  This is totally speculation.  However, since the LSM is indulging in speculation that slimes anyone who is even slightly right-wing I am having my go at sliming them.

It is not known why he did this, but it seems that you have to look at the two crimes in isolation of each other. The use of a car-bomb suggests that he was trying to get the Muslims blamed. The fact that he visited a site allegedly belonging to “fundamentalist Christians” would appear to be a case of sliming those who allegedly had contact with him (just like in the case of the killer of the abortion butcher). Those visits could have been a way of setting up the right-wing to take some kind of fall for what he was planning. It might also have been an attempt to create a situation where Muslims and Christians in Norway end up fighting each other. Except it will not happen.

The Islamic Council in Norway was very quick to condemn the bombing attack. I believe that they deserve a round of applause for taking that action in condemnation. It stops people from being anxious and it puts them on the same side as the people of Norway. This leaves attention on any “far-right” group in Norway. We have to wait and see if this man did in fact have any contact with them. Somehow I doubt that he did. I suspect that he had contact with Greenpeace or some other organization. The style of his farming might in fact be a big clue to what really happened.


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