Where there is smoke… there is fire

Whilst the controversy surrounding the alleged politics of the mass murderer in Norway grinds on – I still think that he is a left wing extremist and there is sufficient evidence in his manifesto to place him on the left – I have neglected other topics of interest, including the latest contributions from the journalist who uses the name Ulsterman. Two scandals, other than the petulance over the debt ceiling have continued to grow legs at an almost gargantuan place. The first scandal, which is now begrudgingly being covered minimally by the LSM is the Operation Fast and Furious and Gunrunner. The other scandal, which they are continuing to hide from general view is CHICAGO.

All roads keep leading back to Chicago – Tony Rezko, Blagojevich and Danny Frawley. Neither Rezko nor Frawley have been sentenced even though they have been convicted of their crimes. I find it strange that after almost a year Tony Rezko has not been brought before the court for sentencing. It is very strange indeed.

Ulsterman has a report on this very subject, as to what might in fact be happening behind the scenes. Could it be that one or all of these people are ready to turn and provide evidence against Østupid?

Before jumping to any conclusions on what might happen, there is something else to consider, and this relates to Eric Holder. If, as Ulsterman claims via his White House Insider article, that Eric Holder will be forced to resign, this would mean that the firewall between the Justice Department and the White House has been broken. Is there another witness, perhaps someone who has returned to Chicago, who is willing to give secret evidence? If this is what is about to happen, or it has already happened in secret, does the evidence lead to Østupid’s complicity in Operation Fast and Furious? The resignation of Holder, if it happens, sooner rather than later, could open up a very wide-ranging enquiry.

Get ready for proceedings by a special prosecutor.

3 responses to “Where there is smoke… there is fire

  1. Daniel T. Frawley’s new sentencing date is August 24th at 10:30 in Judge Ronald Guzman’s courtroom…it will be interesting to see how the U.S. Attorney’s office will protect thier informant’s giving them a “get out of jail free card” to wreak havoc on it’s citizens…Dan Frawley is their new Eddie Boldger/John Thomas…


  2. Did you ever wonder WHY Blagojevich tried to hire Eric Holder years back to investigate the casinos possible mob connections? Why Holder? Why $300,000?


  3. Bessie you are a mine of information. The attempt to hire Eric Holder is interesting…. Of course there are mob connections to casinos. It would not be Chicago without the mob connections 🙂