Nazi influence on Breivik the Norwegian mass murderer

If the rambling manifesto was not sufficient evidence about the real political leanings of Anders Breivik, then the background of the two men most likely to have been an influence should be sufficient to prove once and for all that Breivik was not a right-wing Christian.

The British Daily Telegraph reports on the man who has been revealed as Richard the Lionheart, as a blogger by the name of Paul Ray, and his associate, Nick Greger. It is Nick Greger who is of most interest, since the South African was a former neo-Nazi Party member. Both were members of a group known as Order 777. This group advocated violence against immigrants. There is also a link to the Freemason Knights Templar. They talk about Christian resistance movements. Always keep in mind that they are not referring to what we know as Christianity, but to what they call “cultural Christianity”. According to Breivik one can be an atheist or agnostic and still be Christian. We know that this is not possible.

Please read the whole newspaper article to learn more about these startling revelations that also involve groups in Northern Ireland and Liberia, as well as other European countries.

Nazism is not a right wing movement as claimed by the LSM. Rather the Nazis are to the right of the Communists but remain left of centre. The evidence is now stacking up to indicate that the left-wing media have got it wrong again and that in true hypocritical fashion they wasted no time sliming conservative people who just happen to be in the centre when it comes to politics.

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