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HotAir continues to push the extremely boring Pawlenty, but it looks like the donors are waiting for Perry

HotAir is reporting that in a number of States there is an expectation that if Rick Perry decides to join the Presidential race that there are large donors waiting on the sidelines. This is despite the fact that HotAir continues relentlessly to push the ever so boring Tim Pawlenty.

Here is what I think:

1. Michele Bachman is the absolute novice in the field. Herman Cain is only just above her when it comes to being a novice.  Neither are totally ready for the big run. Of these two I think that Herman Cain is the better candidate. I have real doubts about Bachman. I know that she is preferred by some people, but if you look closely at her record it is not as conservative as you might expect. On the downside to Bachman for me, personally, was her naive response regarding the fake birth certificate. She has refused to touch the issue.

2. Mitt Romney is too much of a RINO, but he continues to be the darling of the MSM. Think about that statement.

3. Ron Paul is too old to be considered a serious contender. He is also too extreme in his views. On a par with Ron Paul is Gary Johnson. I expect Gary Johnson to be knocked out of contention very early in the primaries.

4. Tim Pawlenty has some conservative features that are well liked but he is a mixed bag and there is no way that Pawlenty could beat Østupid. He is simply not the candidate.

5. If Sarah enters the race I do believe that she will get a lot of backing. There are lots of independents who support Sarah Palin.

6. Thaddeus McCotter and Jon Huntsman are probably the joke candidates. Huntsman is a more extreme RINO than Romney. His Watermelon credentials should be enought to sink him to the bottom of the ocean. McCotter has his vote on card check as an albatross around his neck.

7. Rick Perry: Is he the one? He is the most experienced of those who are ex-governors. He has a very clear conservative record on most things. I think he would run rings around Østupid.


Brit Hume on the Department of Justice

HotAir has up a post featuring Brit Hume from Fox News. His statement, which in my view is a strong one, is that the DOJ in regard to Fast and Furious as the whiff of the Nixon DoJ. The comment is an interesting one.

This is probably the first known comment from a news outlet. Perhaps, with Brit Hume making this comment, it will start being picked up by the rest. I cannot see how they can continue to bury the Melson testimony.

If the LSM will not do the job, then we will have to do it for them and start asking the hard questions:

1. Who authorized this program? The answer is that it started under Bush.. but here is another question… how did the program change when there was a change of regime? In other words, did the Bush Administration or DoJ approve of the gun running or did they actually do their jobs and stop the guns actually getting into the hands of the Mexican cartels?

2. What did Eric Holder know and when did he know it?

3. Who gave orders to Eric Holder?

4. Was Janet Napolitano (the boofhead) involved? What orders did she give?

5. Who gave Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder orders in this matter?

This is far worse than the Watergate break-in. The efforts to pervert the course of justice and to prevent the Congress knowing the details means that there is a massive cover-up that needs investigation. The real question is about the ultimate boss – when did he know about Operation Fast and Furious? What was the real plan?

Eric Holder must be forced to resign.


Australia’s own incompetent usurper Marxist

Yes. That description fits perfectly with regards to the current Prime Minister of Australia. She is a Marxist, but she has tried to hide her past allegiance to the Fabian Society. To gain power she stabbed the incompetent Kevin Rudd in the back. It was a very nasty dirty thing that happened. This is a woman whose word you can never trust. To retain power she stole the election after we ended up with a hung parliament. She did this by selling out to the watermelons led by the despicable Bob Brown and the fairy at the bottom of the garden Christine Milne, oh and did I mention the Marxist Lee Rhiannon? Lee Rhiannon is yet another extremely nasty bitch who has made her way into the Senate.

On top of that the lying bitch stated during the usual election hype that she would not introduce a carbon tax. This issue is just like the issue you had with Abominablecare. The Australian public do not want this carbon tax, just like we do not want the flood levy foisted upon us because Queensland Govt did not have flood insurance.  More than 90% of the Australian public is stating no to the carbon tax. It is falling upon deaf ears. Talk about a Pinocchio nose, the lying bitch Juliar-the Marxist – Dullard claims that most Australians want this wealth distribution tax.

Australia has been bombarded with the claims from the most incompetent and lying bunch of scientists known to mankind – the climate scientists who are nothing more than scam artists and scaremongers. There are some rare people, like Judy Curry who actually tell the truth so this is not aimed at those who are competent in doing their work. It is aimed entirely at the scaremongers and those bottom feeders who take taxpayer money to fund their worthless projects with worthless conclusions. The claim that the planet is warming is not based upon fact. It is based upon dodgy data, with base stations placed in positions where the temperatures will always be a little bit higher, like near a tarmac, or air conditioning units. The computer models are a joke, and they exist purely to agree with the current hypothesis. The fudging of the computer model data just shows the degree to which these incompetent scammers keep lying to the public.

I live in Canberra, the watermelon capital of the world. I find it extremely annoying that even my parish priest is indulging in what I term mushroom fodder. You can bet that he gets me angry week by week, and yesterday he nearly made me lose it… I cannot believe that a priest would stand in front of the congregation and more or less crow about the forthcoming tax that will in fact reduce what we have available for the plate. All in the name of stupid green crapola. The whole thing is a scam. It is a lie. It is all about wealth redistribution.

What is worse, the “compensation package” gives out more that what is being projected for income from this stupid tax. It seems that those supporting this crapola are too incompetent to see that if there is a shortfall between incoming and outgoing, it logically means that the Government budget deficit will be increased, not reduced. This will mean more government borrowings, which means there is less investment money available for the private sector, which in turn means that if businesses cannot invest in the future because of the lack of funds, then jobs will disappear. Did I mention that one possible consequence of this stupid crapola tax will be higher unemployment as firms begin yet another round of moving their companies off-shore?

It looks like Australia’s path to economic destruction, thanks to the incompetent Marxist, Juliar Dullard, is now almost complete. The mere fact that the Watermelons now have the balance of power in the Senate is enough to want to go drown one’s sorrows.


In Memorium: Betty Ford

The former First Lady (who was a real lady), Betty Ford has passed away at the age of 93.

You can read about it here. You will also notice that Betty at least knew how to dress properly and bring dignity to the role of First Lady.

Holder needs to be removed

BigPeace has more on Operation Fast and Furious as well as a very good summary on the activities of Eric Holder the most corrupt Attorney General ever. The whole thing is summarized in bullet points and this time I will copy the points for you:

On the Puerto Rican terrorist group FALN:

• After Holder became Deputy Attorney General in 1997, he fired then current Pardon Attorney Margaret Colgate Love, who had issued a report in 1996 recommending against clemency for the FALN and Macheteros.

• Holder installed Roger Adams (who had been a former assistant to Holder at the US Attorney’s office) as the new Pardon Attorney. During 1997 and 1998 Holder met at least nine times with advocates for clemency–never meeting with victims of the FALN’s actions.

In a meeting on November 5, 1997 Holder came up with the idea that the terrorists should express “remorse” for their actions, in an apparent attempt to make clemency seem more palatable to the public (this alternative was later rejected by the terrorists in 1999).

Holder continued to pressure Roger Adams to issue a report recommending clemency. Adams refused to do so because: the prosecutors and the FBI would object; it would hamper investigations into co-conspirators who were still at large; victims of the FALN had not been notified; and the issuance of clemency could cause a public uproar.

A compromise was reached, where an “options report” was issued by Adams that made no specific recommendation. This accomplished the following: the new report did not technically override the Love report from 1996; Roger Adams would not be required to recommend clemency; and the existence of the new report would pave the way for President Clinton to issue clemency.

In early 1999, after Hillary Clinton expressed interest in seeking the U.S. Senate seat from the state of New York (where 1.3 million Puerto Rican voters reside), White House staff began movement on the pardons.

• Holder and Adams forwarded the “options report” to the White House on July 8, 1999. On August 9, Mrs. Clinton met with advocates for clemency. Jose Rivera, a New York City councilman gave Mrs. Clinton documents relating to clemency, and asked that they be given to her husband.

On August 11, Mr. Clinton offered clemency to 16 members of the FALN and Macheteros.

• Despite clemency being an individual grant, Holder and the DoJ allowed the terrorists conference calls between prisons to decide whether to accept the clemencies. It took the terrorists 30 days to accept the offers; after which 14 of the 16 FALN were released from various Federal prisons on September 10, 1999.

During subsequent Senate testimony, Holder refused to answer most questions, claiming executive privilege. He refused to discuss the Love report from 1996, and also stated that a September 1999 report from Janet Reno recommending against the “impending release” of Puerto Rican terrorists was not referring to the 16 who were offered clemency.

During Holder’s Senate testimony in 2009, he admitted that he had recommended clemency for the FALN to Mr. Clinton. He also claimed to not know that many of the group’s members had threatened their trial judge just prior to sentencing, and was unaware that two FALN members were caught on tape making bombs. He also claimed that he knew enough about the group to recommend clemency.

On the Weather Underground:

• In Holder’s written answers to Senator Sessions, Holder said that the DOJ had recommended against clemency for both Susan Rosenberg and Linda Evans.

Holder added that he forwarded the negative finding on Rosenberg to the White House without his signature.

He then added that he forwarded the negative finding on Linda Evans to the White House, this time with his signature.

• In his written answers to Senator Specter though, he said that he may have forwarded both findings to the White House without his signature.

By not taking an active stance in supporting the negative findings for both Rosenberg and Evans by the DOJ, Holder was effectively allowing pardons to be issued to both women..

On Marc Rich:

• Holder was first approached by Jack Quinn (Marc Rich’s attorney) in October 1999 and had several contacts with Quinn about the case until January of 2001–a period of 15 months. Holder would later state at least three times before Congress that he had only a passing familiarity with the case.

During the period of October of 1999 to March 2000, Holder tried to broker a deal with Federal prosecutors that would cause the charges against Mr. Rich to be dropped. Holder also received a memo on February 28 from Quinn on why the charges against Rich should be dismissed. The prosecutors issued a total rejection of any deal.

• In November of 2000, Holder was approached again by Quinn, this time in an attempt to obtain a pardon. Holder advised Quinn to contact the White House, and that they should contact him (Holder). This was against the normal procedure, and bypassed the prosecutors (who had previously rejected any deal) and also bypassed the Pardon Attorney’s office.

• On January 19, 2001, Holder told the White House that he was “neutral, leaning favorable” toward a pardon for Rich, even after later admitting that he knew that Rich was a fugitive–and had assumed that a pardon would be rejected. He said he based his recommendation on a statement of support from Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak–after hearing of it third-hand from Quinn only moments before.

• Later that evening, Roger Adams learned that both Rich and his business partner Pincus Green were fugitives, and early on the morning of January 20 tracked down Holder at his home to “alert” him of the impending pardons. Holder informed Adams that he was aware of that fact and the conversation quickly ended.

After the pardons were issued by Mr. Clinton, Quinn contacted then acting Attorney General Holder on the 22nd. After complimenting Quinn on being able to obtain the pardons, Holder advised Quinn on how deal with the media over the issue, and ran down a laundry list for making life easier for Mr. Rich. This included taking actions to have the Interpol Red Alert lifted and contacting the court in Manhattan to have the charges removed.

• Holder then asked Quinn if he could fax resumes for two of his deputies to Quinn’s law office (which he subsequently did). He later admitted to Congress that he had earlier spoken to Quinn about becoming Attorney General in a potential Gore administration. Holder had also told the Washington Post that he hoped Quinn might help him in that effort.

During his Senate testimony in 2009, his memory often failed him. Holder would also make statements about his involvement that are contradicted by the known record. He still claimed that he had been unfamiliar with Rich and Rich’s case even after being petitioned repeatedly by Jack Quinn between 1999 and 2001. and maintained that claim even after the Clarendon settlement with Rich in 1995 had been revealed.

On the Clarendon limited settlement:

The Clarendon settlement involved an agreement between that company and the U.S. government to pay 1.2 million dollars in fines for 22 contracts they had received totaling 45 million dollars between 1988 and 1991. Clarendon had been contracted by the Treasury to supply coinage metals to the U.S. Mint, and they had neglected to mention that Marc Rich owned half the company.

• Mr. Rich was a federal fugitive at the time, and was barred from receiving federal contracts. The government threatened to prosecute the company and Holder’s office negotiated the settlement. The Wall Street Journal quoted then DC U.S. Attorney Holder announcing the agreement in an article on April 13, 1995.

• The agreement had been announced on April 12, and the settlement included Holder’s signature in three different places, and also included an affidavit from Marc Rich that he had signed in St. Moritz on April 6. The affidavit included a raised notary stamp, and in addition, the settlement also described Rich’s indictment in 1983 and noted that he was then currently a fugitive.

The Assistant U.S. Attorney, Barbara Van Gelder also signed the document. She would eventually say that she signed the document for Holder, had spoken to others about the case in Holder’s office, but could not “recall” speaking with Holder.

• However, it appears that there are no similarities between the two signatures. It should also be noted that this case was a significant one, and had been ongoing since the government discovered the fraudulent contracts in 1990, and that the case involved 45 million in fraud charges and a settlement of over a million dollars.

It should further be noted that Van Gelder is a political ally of Holder; both have donated to many of the same politicians and causes, including the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. She also contacted the AP last November to endorse Holder the same day that his name had first leaked.

It should also be noted that during Holder’s 2009 Senate testimony, he said of Rich that, “I did not acquaint myself with his record. I knew that the matter involved–it was a tax fraud case–it was a substantial tax fraud case, and I knew he was a fugitive.” Holder’s statement shows that he was fully aware of the Clarendon case.

Holder stated at least six times before Congress in 2001 that he was unfamiliar with Mr. Rich when he was first approached by Jack Quinn. It should be noted that if Mr. Holder was unfamiliar with Rich in 1999, he certainly knew the details of Rich’s 1983 indictment after repeated discussions over a 15-month period with Quinn–and he denied being familiar with the case in both his 2001 and 2009 Congressional testimony.

On the Chiquita Brands scandal:

• Holder, as a member of the Covington and Burling law firm, obtained a plea deal in 2007 for Chiquita Brands International–and helped ten executives and employees escape prosecution for paying “protection” money to the Colombian paramilitary group AUC (United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia).

The AUC is also known as Colombia’s “death squad” and Chiquita’s payments totaled 1.7 million between 1997 and 2004. During those years, the AUC killed 4000 people, and there are no confirmed reports that any Chiquita employees had been directly targeted, as Chiquita implied.

By choosing to take that case, Holder helped ten people who had aided and abetted a terrorist group that had killed thousands avoid prosecution. The company pleaded guilty and received a 25 million dollar fine.

• Holder would later argue in a civil settlement that there’s no law against material support of terrorism, and effectively, in the definition of terrorism

The best of Latma TV

Latma TV is an Israeli organization and it is produced by Caroline Glick. They cover a lot of subjects but the “news” is always in Hebrew. The last time they made fun of the flotilla (when the people on board actually attacked the Israeli soldiers which is clearly seen on the video footage), they did a parody on “We are the world”, I love what they did.

This time, with the flotilla not being allowed to leave Greece, and the captain of the Audacity of Hope being arrested, Latma TV have produced a new video. You will love the tune if you love the Beach Boys:

So you are worried about Al Qaeda being in Libya? There is a far bigger threat and giving assistance to Daffy Duck

This will be the shorter post, I will do a longer one at my alternate site. However, I want to draw your attention to this article at the American Thinker. For your information, the real threat in Libya is Iran, not Al Qaeda. The Grand Pooh Bah, Khamenei is an ally of Gadhafi. He has sent people to Daffy Duck to give assistance.  By the way, regarding those rumours about what is taking place in the border regions and the smuggling of arms, except for the French drop, those arms were not and never were going to the revolutionaries. They were being smuggled for Gadhafi but the Daffy Duck regime put out false information to make it look like the revolutionaries were the ones smuggling arms. I guess a lot of people got that information wrong.

This ties in very much with the feeding of false information about the people who have been behind the revolt against the criminal Gadhafi. It ties in with the false information about border activity on the Algerian border, and it ties in with the false meme about Al Qaeda as well.

A lot now rides on the ability of the revolutionaries being able to push against the remaining military forces. I do know that there continues to be a weakening of those forces. If they can push towards Tripoli then Khamenei will lose this one.

However, Khamenei has been meddling in Syria as well, and Khamenei is involved in Lebanon.