This one was definitely not a Lutheran

When I started writing up the Norway massacre, I initially thought that the perpetrator was a member of the Religion of Peas. However, it soon became obvious that this was not the case. The man had the kind of ideology that would make a person want to pull out his/her hair, but when closely examined, it soon became clear that rather than being from the extreme right, as claimed by the LSM, the perpetrator was a Left wing anarchist. He wanted to create a war situation. That attitude simply does not gel with people who tend towards the right in their political thought processes. He was not a conservative, as claimed, but he was every inch the leftist with his neo-Nazi beliefs.

Then came the news that a soldier, who had been about to be discharged from the army because of his claim for conscientious objection, but who was caught with child porn on his computer, and was to be charged, had gone AWOL. This soldier, (name that religion) was caught in Texas, near Fort Hood, after he had purchased items that could be turned into a bomb, as well as guns and ammunition suitable for doing a Norway or a Fort Hood situation. The target for the proposed attack was a restaurant in Killeen Texas, which was a popular eating place for soldiers. The man was arrested, thanks to the alertness of the gun store clerk (who just happened to be a retired police officer).

It seems that this man wanted to emulate Nidal Hasan and he wanted to kill more people than those killed by Hasan. Thankfully, his career as a jihadist appears to have ended before he had the chance to carry out his plot. He also used Inspire magazine, the internet magazine of Al Qaeda to start assembling the necessary items to make his bomb and create mayhem.


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  1. I know this is SO off topic, so please forgive me BUT, I heard that Mexico’s unemployment rate has dropped to only 4.7% as opposed to ours which is pushing 10% (in certain places much higher). Many illegal aliens are returning home because job prospects are so much better there now (thus loosing many potential democrat voters). What will Obutthead do now? He is quickly loosing his base. The LAW OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES! This time I’m pleased.


  2. That sounds like good news Sue, and nothing is off topic because these are open threads 🙂


  3. It’s good yet bad news. Nearly 10% unemployment is devastating to our country. O is destroying us. HELP!


  4. We are being destroyed by Juliar Dullard. You might know her as our Prime Minister Julia Gillard. However, she is a liar. She is stupid. She is a Marxist.