Operation Fast and Furious – more damaging revelations

Pajamas Media have up a post which details the latest information on Operation Fast and Furious. There is even more evidence that leads back to the White House.

The one to highlight is the testimony of William Newell, who indicated that he discussed the subject with Kevin O’Reilly in 2010:

July 27: Hot Air reported that before Rep. Darrell Issa’s committee on July 26, William Newell testified that in September 2010 he discussed the Gunwalker case with White House National Security Director for North America Kevin O’Reilly. In relation to that communication, Newell sent O’Reilly an e-mail in which he wrote: “You didn’t get this from me.” Newell explained that O’Reilly was a long-time friend, and he shouldn’t have informed him.

The revelations of this week not only support or confirm much of what was already known, but add new, more disturbing dimensions to the scandal. It has long been known that heads of the FBI and DEA were informed about the program, as well as officials in the Department of Justice, Homeland Security, and the State Department. However, the State Department’s role in selling significant quantities of military surplus and military grade weapons and other equipment to the Zeta cartel, possibly through a thinly veiled front company, was not previously known.

The FBI certainly had to have known that the ATF was misrepresenting their forensic findings in the Terry murder, but did nothing to correct that misrepresentation to Congress or to the public, and had no comment regarding this revelation.

The most significant revelation of the week is that someone in the White House was made aware of the operation. Did the president or his chosen officials not only allow but encourage the illegal purchase and smuggling of arms into Mexico, a foolish and cynical attempt to further gun-control policies unobtainable through the legislative process? We now know that knowledge of the program was within a few steps of Obama.


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  3. Aussie,

    Are you privy to any information about the young teenage girl in Sydney with the bomb strapped around her neck? I read about it first thing this AM on Drudge. Has this situation been resolved? I hope so. I can only imagine what her parents are going through.


  4. Sue she is safe. I will see what the online articles are reporting and then post some details.

    I was shocked when I heard what happened. The collar was placed on her by an intruder. It was an attempt at extortion. How horrible, for the girl and her very wealthy parents.


  5. “In the initial car crew that attended there was young female officer on board who took it upon herself to, whilst her mate was off summoning all these other resources and evacuating the neighbours, to stay with her through about the first two hours of her ordeal,” he said.

    “She was not wearing any protective clothing or equipment, she wasn’t trained as a negotiator, but she made the decision herself, this young officer, to stay with Madeleine and make sure she tried to remain calm and she wasn’t left alone, provided moral support for her, and she did an outstanding job in that regard.”…
    God bless that young officer. And thanks Aussie.