Should Media Matters be allowed to have tax free status?

Media Matters is yet another Soros funded organization, and for the life of me, I cannot understand why it has been allowed to have tax free-status.

In this article at Big Journalism, which I invite you to read, there seems to be ample evidence that on more than one occasion Media Matters has breached its tax exempt status. More than that, it appears to be an arm of the Democrat Party, and an extension of the Østupid attempt to dominate and dictate to media outlets.

Media Matters has been leading the charge against Fox News, and against Rupert Murdoch in particular. From my point of view, the Australian born Rupert Murdoch is a very savvy individual. His organization backs both conservative and liberal viewpoints. The Murdoch News Ltd is probably the least biased with regard to news and current affairs opinion for the simple reason there is a balance, which is sadly lacking at other outlets. (I use the Australian experience to make this comment).

News Ltd has also been under attack in Australia from the minority ALP government and their extremist partner the watermelons aka the Green Party. The reason for the attack is not based upon wrong-doing (there has been none) but because News Ltd has criticised them for such things as the intention to impose a tax on the air that we breathe.

What I am suggesting is that through Media Matters, this is Østupid’s method of directly attacking free speech and freedom of the press. This is a real attack rather than the one imagined over Bradley Manning.


One response to “Should Media Matters be allowed to have tax free status?

  1. Truer Words Were Never Spoken

    Read – Think – THINK – Weep – – –

    (and then, MY rant for the day – with a little help from the bard)

    Cry HAVOC! And let slip the dogs of war!

    At some point, even with the Lame Stream Media, the American People are going to wake up. I do not predict ‘kinetic activities’ – quite yet, but at a minimum there will be a bloodbath and a house cleaning at the polls like never seen before.

    It is either THAT or we totally collapse. If The Collapse comes it will be faster and worse than PIIGs! We are bigger and taller and higher than all those put together. And – there is NOBODY big enough to pick up the pieces – except maybe China. The implications of THAT may be worse than the actual collapse.

    WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH ALL OF US? The solution(s) are not that difficult.

    For starters:

    1. Government is part of the problem, not part of the solution. No 1 priority is DO NOTHING – get out of the way.

    2. Secondarily the Government *may* be able to help a little – but only in these two ways:

    2a. Pass any possible legislation that greases the skids of Private Enterprise. No, don’t throw money, just make it easier to operate and grow. PE will FIX the economy.

    2b. Repeal any legislation that impedes the Private Sector. They can start with most or even all of the EPA. The EPA is totally out of control – it is not obvious that it can be fixed. If they actually do any good at all, we probably need to throw some babies out with the bathwater and – start over.

    On the other hand we like to talk about slippery slopes and that we are more and more steeply sliding the wrong way. But is it too late? Have we already reached the point of no return. Can the juggernaut be stopped? Events of the last several years are beginning to convince me that while we were asleep, we may have passed the tipping point.


    (On the other other hand, I doubt if God is going to help very much if we don’t speak out and help ourselves as much as possible. We MUST look EVIL and WRONG in the eye, and point with our finger and name it! God will not rescue us as we cower!)