An unexpected twist in the very old hacking scandal

Have you ever wondered how the newspapers found out that mobile phones could be so easily hacked? The BBC news website is running a story about a man who tried to campaign to warn people that their phones were vulnerable. The BBC was one of a few organizations that was never guilty of trying to get information in such a sneaky way.

What makes the story so very interesting is that Vodaphone actually told the man how to hack his own phone to get to his messages. In trying to campaign to the general public the man inadvertently gave the papers the means by which they could get their sordid stories that they printed about a variety of celebrities.

The first organization that was given the information was not News of the World, but the rival organization owned by Trinity Mirror. However, Trinity Mirror refused to comment. He also went to the Sun, which is a News Limited paper – this story has been backed by the person that he approached, and as that person says the story was canned.

This scandal is really very strange because there are a lot of unanswered questions regarding how the hacking happened in the first place. How for example did they get hold of a database with all of the phone numbers? How did they get hold of the number for Milly Dowler? Who supplied the numbers of members of the Royal Family?

News Limited did not act alone in this scandal. It is a scandal and an activity that was rampant with the various press organizations. I see no reason as to why News Limited should be singled out for attention, especially when it was News Ltd who took additional information to the police in the first place.



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  1. I am still going with the KGB and not the CIA. This has KGB written all over it.
    There are interesting developments in Libya.


  2. Aussie, I agree that it isn’t the CIA. After reading about the indoctrination and intense training that KGB agents underwent (and still do under its successor) to become successful agents (as long as two, three years of intense study and then training in the societies of other countries, etc), I see more than I did before. For example, today I was searching the net to find the flags of islamic countries to see if any of them looked like the Libyan rebels’ flag. There is a YouTube of the “Flags of the 57 Islamic Nations.”

    Now, we all remember when Obummer made that gaff in which he referred to the 57 states in America, and it was said by some that he got it confused with 57 Islamic states, which I believe is true. The point is, what American – true American with any U.S. education at all, would ever make a mistake like that? This smacks of a lapse, one in which he “forgot” where he was and to whom he was speaking. Such a lapse would be easy if he had spent years undergoing intensive training to be an agent, including much exposure to the culture of other countries. In most instances such a lapse “on the job” could get him “removed” by the country for whom he was working. However, his work is not yet done for those who are sponsoring him, so, he continues to get by.

    Regardless of where this man was born, he simply is NOT a true American. I guess we all know that and shake in our boots.


  3. Oh, and another thing. Remember when he called “corpsman” – “corpse-man? A Harvard grad? Give me a break. Also, there have been other gaffs where he cannot fluidly pronounce names that he is reading off of the teleprompter – even common names. He separates the syllables in a stilted, unnatural manner. Again, to the point of ad nauseam, this impostor is NOT one of us.


  4. Cabby, the flag that is used by the Libyan opposition is the old Libyan flag. It is the flag that represents the country when king Idris was in control.

    You will find similarities between the Libyan flag and the flags of other Islamic nations, and that is to be expected. Egypt for example is red, white and black, where as the original Libyan flag has similar colours but uses green as well. The flag used by Daffy Duck is hated by the Opposition. It represents the Socialist Republic of Libya. Please note the name that Daffy used: “Socialist Republic”.


  5. Cabby, I think that your analysis is really great. It sounds absolutely correct. That lapse regarding “57 states and 2 more to go” is something that should have given most people some pause. It did not… sadly…


  6. Thanks, Aussie, for the explanation about the flag being raised by the rebels. This is certainly an ongoing saga. I pray that they will have the wisdom to govern aright. It is a great step for those who want to be free of the tyranny, but the future is fragile indeed.


  7. Cabby, it it most definitely ongoing, and the endgame has commenced. It cannot be long before Gadhafi either kills himself or is captured by rebel forces. He has been deserted by his own palace guards, if the rumours are true. His son Mohammed has surrendered, and Saif Al-Islam has been captured. There is no mention of Saadi Gadhafi and I have not heard about him for months.