Incitement to commit a felony

Just saw this report via the BBC News which says that the police in Wales have arrested three men who used social media in an attempt to commit a felony. This is a very positive step for a variety of reasons and especially because it indicates the need for a responsible use of social media.

In case you had not heard, many of the rioters joined in because of the use of SMS and Twitter. The call was spread far and wide via these forms of social contact. This is why one cannot make blanket statements about “poverty”. Another reason that one cannot blame “poverty” for the riots is that amongst those who have been arrested is the daughter of a wealthy man who had a private school upbringing – she was caught with stolen goods. 

My own view is that many of the participants are the same anarchists who have been involved in other riots in London, such as the one last year over university funding and fees, where Prince Charles was almost roughed up.  It is in my view that anarchy is the main factor here.

If there is “poverty”, then these people are guilty of penis envy… oops, that is what I call that form of envy, where people claim to desire the goods that belong to others. The claim that the shop owners are rich and deserve to have their businesses burned down is just one symptom of the penis envy that exists amongst the leftists and communists (read Anarchists as well). They have no respect for the property of others, neither do they care about the jobs of others.  I suspect that a very big part of the whole problem is in fact the politically correct attitude that has permeated society since roughly the 1980s.



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