Algeria: Beware that this could become another hot spot

I am not going to add much to this topic at this point in time. I will write up any information on my alternative blog but will mention anything here that might be of interest. 

In recent weeks Algeria was subjected to an attack by terrorists who are associated with Al Qaeda. My personal opinion here is that the attacks have nothing to do with Libya, but we shall see. The reason that I think this way is due to the fact that the attacks themselves are not new, but that they have been stepped up.

Algeria has been a supporter of Daffy Duck, and in fact I have been suspicious of some “news” items that were released that had been accusatory towards the Libyan Gadhafi opposition, which seemed to be propaganda of the Gadhafi regime. Early this week news came that members of the Gadhafi family had crossed the border and were in Algeria. Aisha Gadhafi has since that crossing given birth to a girl that she has named Safiyah. The members of the Gadhafi family who crossed into Algeria included: Safiyah, Aisha, Mohammed and Hannibal. If anything Hannibal and his wife need to be extradited to face charges of cruelty towards the nanny of their children (that is quite an horrific story), however, Mohammed was not directly involved in what has taken place. Algeria has since stated that the family are being placed under house arrest. We shall see whether it is true.

The reason I am highlighting Algeria is that already there are claims that Al Qaeda are stepping up activity in Algeria because that government has supported Gadhafi. Personally, I see this as an excuse to put down any revolt in Algeria, and to repeat what had taken place in Libya (that is the government repression of the population) and in Syria. Algeria has until now not had much in the way of problems from opponents, but that could be about to change. I am not saying that this is a possibility that is not true, but I am treating the allegation with caution.  Up until now the news sources that I have used have made no real mention of Al Qaeda showing any real support for the NTC and those who were fighting to get rid of Gadhafi. This is probably why the news item that is making this particular claim stands out like a sore thumb.  

From the beginning the NTC spokespeople have been keen to keep out foreigners that might raise the hackles of Al Qaeda, which is an organization that is not strictly present in Libya, but there are sympathises or at least those with similar views who are Libyans. If this element is to remain placated and kept in their place then a fine line needs to be walked. The NTC has been keen not to repeat the mistakes made in Iraq, which in translation means that they do not want to do anything that would encourage an Al Qaeda presence.  This is what makes the claims coming out of Algeria very jarring.

It should also be pointed out that Robert Mugabe has expelled the Libyan ambassador to that country because he expressed allegiance to he NTC. This should be seen in the light of Mugabe being an ally of Gadhafi, and one who has just had his funding (balls) cut off so that he has less funds available to conduct terror campaigns against his own people.

Also, some are voicing concern because Iran sent “aid” to Benghazi. I agree that there is cause to be concerned. It should be pointed out that Iran had been illegally sending weapons to Gadhafi, but they sent discreet humanitarian aid to Benghazi. In other words according to the NTC what they received was medicine and food for the people of Libya. I see this as a diplomatic move that is meant to put Iran in the good books with the NTC once they realized that Iran’s real ally was being deposed. It reminds me a bit of the attitude of China and Russia who had caused a fuss in the early part of this whole saga only to find themselves on the outer with the NTC. This is why I suspect the motivations of Iran is based soley upon ensuring some form of relationship with the NTC. Since most Libyans are either Sunni (explains why they tend towards Al Qaeda) or Sufi, I do not see that there will be a strong relationship with Iran in the near future, but one never knows how things will turn out.

The civil war is not quite over in Libya, and the propaganda war is still being waged on the international scene. This is why I offer a note of caution when it comes to Algerian propaganda with regard to the motivations of the Al Qaeda group that have recently attacked the military barracks. Look first to nationalist reasons for the attacks before applying motivations associated with giving refuge to members of the Gadhafi family, or giving support to Gadhafi. I am sure that eventually we will know the truth.


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  1. Carlyle, before you jump to conclusions about those “weapons”, consider this:

    1. the number of missiles could be exaggerated.
    2. if the opposition did not have that many during the months of battle, do you really think that they would be sending them across the border?
    3. which troops have been fleeing into Niger?
    4. who sold their weapons to people who were in fact sleeper cells?
    5. who paid for mercenaries?
    6. this relates to question 5: the mercenaries are fleeing and taking their weapons with them. What do you think will happen to those weapons?
    7. who was supporting the various rebel outfits in Africa such as those in Somalia and the Sudan?

    I have doubts about the amount of weaponry that might have already left Libya. If it was true, then I would be looking at what Gadhafi allowed to be released from his weapons dumps, this might be very telling. The convoy that crossed into Niger was full of weapons and cash. The opposition has not been operating near that border. The Touareg people who live in the border region between Libya and Niger are funded by Gadhafi.

    The propaganda war continues and I take such reports with a grain of salt whilst expressing concern about ANY weapons that fall into the wrong hands caused by BOTH sides.

    As for Østupid, I stress again, that he has nothing to do with the whole picture. He is a worthless idiot, and his bad decision-making prolonged the conflict.

    Do not be so hasty in blaming those opposition people and constantly linking them to Al Qaeda. The links are actually quite tenuous at best.

    On the other hand, BE CONCERNED about the small element that is starting to plot to cause trouble for the NTC. These are the ones to watch. The majority of the people who rose up have nothing to do with Al Qaeda. They were united by their hatred of Gadhafi and it was for good reason.

    Do you support the torture of people? Do you support people being kidnapped from the streets and thrown into jail for nothing? Do you support snipers killing children who are just getting out of their beds?


  2. Aussie – I do not blame the opposition people – you have done more research than I have and I defer to your judgment. I do, however, blame the chaos. My problem all along, and continues to be, with the Libyan revolt is that chaos breaks down the walls of restraint and lets the rats in.

    Especially when rats are ALWAYS lurking in the shadows opportunistically waiting for bits of chaos. Didn’t a famous rat once say “never let a crisis go to waste”?


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  5. This explains EVERYTHING

    I was wondering how come everything is so cocked up. Now I know. Geez, who’d’a thunk! This from

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    Despite the unity Americans first felt in the wake of 9/11, that hate has led to “ill-thought wars,” the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and attacks on immigrants and members of the LGBT community, Trumka said. It is also responsible for a racist conspiracy against President Barack Obama:

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  6. @Carlyle, you being a man, should be able to work out what a “wanker” means. Another form of terminology pointing to the same kind of meaning would be something like Richard Cranium, or Dickhead. If you get my drift.


  7. Carlyle, now is the time to start praying that those “rats” as you call them do not find a way to cause more trouble in Libya.

    The Libyan opposition have done a very good job in keeping out those elements that could cause even greater chaos. By doing the bulk of the work themselves they have negated the excuses that could be used by Al Qaeda to invade the country with their mercenaries.

    The mercenaries in Libya have all been paid (or promised is probably better) by Daffy Duck. I suspect that many of them are now pretending that they were “workers” and are afraid of reprisals.

    With all of the rumours swirling around it is hard to know exactly what is the truth. For the moment I am giving Belhadj the benefit of the doubt, meaning that for the moment I believe him when he says that he renounces Al Qaeda ideology. His attitude has suggested a man who was more anti-Gadhafi than anything else.

    Here is some speculation on my part: what if the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, had only courted Al Qaeda in the hope that AQ might help them to overthrow Daffy Duck? There is one man who goes by the name of al-Libi who is high up in AQ but he seems to be more radical Belhadj and the other man who has come forward. Here is what is on my mind (and I could be 100% wrong). The group that was formed by Belhadj very likely was only intended as a Libyan group to get rid of Daffy Duck. The numbers killed by the regime in the past for “belonging to a political organization” are quite phenomenal, and what took place inside Libya was totally shocking. This group is probably the closest that Libya had to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. In another time I think it would have been very like the sect founded by King Idris’s grandfather. Under Daffy Duck the Libyans were not allowed to form ANY political party, which in my view would lead to some attempting to form something underground, and then turning to those groups that they saw as having what they thought were similar aims (except it turned out not to be true).

    There is good reason to be wary of any Islamists, whether it is in Libya, Egypt or Syria (I intend to start addressing Syria) and already in Libya the Islamists still in Benghazi have been making noises. What you might not know, and I am slowly learning, is that the Islamists actually joined up with other anti-Gadhafi people in order to do what the Egyptians had done. As it turned out the Islamists were sidelined for the most part, and others took over leading the fight. The job is not complete until Daffy Duck surrenders. However, there is pressure on the leaders of the NTC to start performing, and this only 2 weeks after the spectacular victory in Tripoli. They must negotiate all of those tribal differences, and they need to become inclusive. They need to ensure that those structures are put in place, but it is actually going to take time for trust to make itself known.

    Libya was a terrible place for a very long time, and I am still learning about how bad it was for everyone who was not a “loyalist”. The spying, everything was terrible.


  8. @ Carlyle: short and sweet: Trumka is both a wanker and a dickhead!!


  9. Ha ha – such foul words from the mouth of such a nice lady!


  10. In that case I will just go back to using Richard Cranium. It is the polite form of the same thing 🙂