South Africa – ominous rumblings

If you have been following the Libyan situation then you would know that one of the outside foreign players is Jacob Zuma of South Africa. You would also know that the African Union is wedded to the money that Gadhafi has been showering upon each of their nations so that they too can put down their own people.  This explains to me why the African Union have been playing a rather stupid game. South Africa was also trying to hold up the release of money that can assist in the very real need for humanitarian aid to Libya. Do not get me wrong because I am still leery of the NTC in lots of respects (and I continue to monitor what they are saying).

I am not a fan of South Africa’s ANC and I never cheered when Nelson Mandela was released from prison. I have always noted the violence associated with the ANC and in particular the actions of Winnie Mandela who was very fond of a certain type of necklace made out of burning tires that was applied to ANC opponents.

I do not trust Jacob Zuma and it seems that Zuma is yet another communist, but there is someone who is on the rise in South Africa who is in fact worse than Zuma. His name is Julius Zalema and you can read about him here. This is one of two reports that have been run on Julius Zalema. This man is extremely dangerous. Think Zimbawe and the other African nations where white farmers had their farms stolen from them. Zalema is that dangerous, and if he should gain in power then South Africa will descend into yet another class war. This particular war is coming in the near future.

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