We live in Canberra, on the north side of the city. We live very close to Mitchell. We did not hear the explosion which is really surprising. We heard nothing, no sirens… absolutely nothing.

We woke this morning to hear a strange voice talking on the radio, but he has been absolutely superb with his commentary. Mark Parton has been very professional.

Since we live in an elevated position we have a very good view of the fire and smoke billowing from our place.

I took some photos, but not at the time where I saw the flames leaping, which was before 7.00 this morning.

2 responses to “Fire!!

  1. The second image was taken this morning. There have been some more explostions and the smoke is heavier than it was mid morning.


  2. Just an update on the fire situation. First of all, this was a very dangerous fire because the chemical plant processed oils that used pcbs. This meant that the stuff in the air was spewing something akin to mustard gas. Yes, it was that dangerous. My husband was having a fit as soon as he heard that the pcbs were involved.

    The smoke from the fire has disappeared. That does not mean that the fire is out. It disappeared late this afternoon.

    The question to be asked: how did the fire happen in the first place?