Pulitzer author writes book that does not praise Duh Won

It is interesting to note that a Pulitzer Prize author, whose books did not help the credibility of the Bush White House, has written a book that does not follow the Leftist plan of helping Duh Won to retain the White House. It is interesting to note that the author has quoted a number of individuals who are well-known economists and all of them are critical of Duh Won. Therefore it is no wonder that Christine Romer, for example could not wait to get away from the White House and resume her role in academia.

Yet, it is not just Christine Romer, but also Larry Summers, and to a lesser extent Peter Orzsag who are critical, and perhaps have let down their guard when it comes to how they view the incompetence of the nincompoop who now occupies the White House.

If George Bush made mistakes (and yes he made plenty of them), then these mistakes look like they are minimal in comparison to the dweeb that is supposed to be “cerebral” and a boy “genius”, even though we have seen no academic records to support the allegations that he is so bright. Just like the birth records there has been a massive cover-up, almost as if this particular occupier of the White House has a worse academic record than both George Bush and Rick Perry combined:

Overall, Suskind portrays Mr Obama as ineffectual and uncertain – not the image the White House wants to be projected at the start of his re-election campaign.

The White House is setting about an attempt at damage control, including getting Anita Dunn to backtrack on her comments. She, of course claims that those were not her words. How convenient.

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