This is curious

I just saw this report on the assassination of the former Afghanistan Rabbanni, who was Karazai’s main peace negotiator. The attacker had the bomb strapped underneath his turban.

The reason that I find the report curious is that the Taliban do not seem to be behind the attack, and they are not wanting to talk about it. This is curious because of the fact that when the Taliban go on the attack they announce it during the actual attack.

What is more, the report mentions that it could be the work of a group linked to Pakistan’s ISI. This leads me back to questions about the hiding of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, and specifically his compound being so close to the military academy at Abbottabad. At the same time it might explain why the Pakistanis were chucking a bag because the US Navy Seals went in and killed OBL right under their noses. If the ISI did not know that OBL was in Pakistan why did they chuck such a bag over OBL being taken out? Well, I think that they did know about his presence and that they were protecting him.

It seems to me that there are rogue elements in the ISI, just like there are rogue elements in MI6 and the CIA and that they have other motivations. The Pakistan ISI are not friends to the rest of the world. It seems to me that the Islamists have an enormous presence in the Pakistan ISI. This might explain why there have been so many attacks on military establishments, and upon the police in Pakistan. It might help to explain how the Sri Lankan cricket team came under attack in Pakistan (fortunately no team members were killed in that attack).

Either way, it is food for thought, because it would seem that Mullah Omar has been true to his word in wanting to negotiate a peace settlement, and that this assassination has set back those attempts.

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  1. For those who care – – –

    I just posted a substantial comment about 14th Amendment over at Marios. It was not appropriate for his particular discussion thread, but here is a prolog:

    A majority of the problems and disagreements you have with the Federal Government source from here. Mis-application (specifically: Idiot liberal agenda, judicial activism, etc.) of this Amendment directly plays into many many sore points: Immigration and citizenship, equal results rather than equal opportunity, contests of jurisdiction between Federal and State governments, the most extreme and ridiculous exaggerated forms of social justice, affirmative action, gay rights, hate crimes, etc. — all stem from here.

    It has been said – and only partly in jest – that constitutional law (both in practice, and what is taught in Universities) has become simply a study of Supreme Court precedents, especially as relates to or falls out of the 14th Amendment.

    As it says, a whole book could be written on it – if you have questions, ask me.