The truth about Pakistan begins to emerge

I found this report in the British press, and it is enough to make the hackles rise, especially when Pakistan is supposed to be fighting against the jihadis (which is of course one big fat lie).

This is the truth about an incident that happened in 2007 which led to the death of an American soldier. The incident happened on the Pakistan side of the Pakistan/Afghanistan border. It appears that the Pakistanis lured the Americans and the Afghans who were with them to the village, but rather than resolve a dispute over land, the intention was to kidnap the officials.

Major Bauguess was shot and killed as soon as he stepped outside of the schoolhouse where the meeting took place. The driver of the vehicle with the ranking officials drove past the waiting helicopter,and only stopped when one of the commanders put a gun to his head. From this you can deduce that the driver was charged with the role of driving off with the officials with the intent of taking them into captivity.

The story itself is further proof that the ISI in Pakistan have been out of control for a very long time, and that Pakistan has been playing a double game for several years. It shows that Pakistan is not to be trusted, and quite frankly Pakistan should not be getting any military aid, neither should Pakistanis be allowed to freely migrate.

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