another potential jihadi caught with his pants down

My Petjawa has a very comprehensive post on the arrest in Boston of a US citizen (Palestinian) on charges of wanting to wage jihad. Rusty and his band of merry little jawa hunters have the most comprehensive report on this subject.

The man who has been arrested has a degree in physics from Northern University. His specialty was to manufacture IEDs which he had hoped would end up in the hands of Al Qaeda.

What is extremely interesting about this particular report is that it has a lot of information regarding the man, and it ties him in very neatly to the left wing politics of Noam Chomsky and his ilk.

The man it seems hated the USA to the point that at Ashland High School he would turn his back during the pledge of allegiance (He should have been expelled just over that action) and he might have been the person who had climbed on the roof at Ashland High School and burnt the American flag. No one had ever been charged over that little episode.

This is a developing story, since the man wanted to wage jihad on Americans and he actually wanted to use drones to blow up the Pentagon. I will leave this as a sticky for a few days so that any new information can be added to this post.

4 responses to “another potential jihadi caught with his pants down

  1. Air Force Brat

    I’ve always thought that President Bush made a mistake by not invoking the Sedition Act when he was in office. Not dealing severely with cretins like the one in the article always — ALWAYS — leads to worse things.

    I am pro-capital punishment in certain instances, the above being one of them. It’s them or us, and the nation’s security interests are NOT something to screw around with.


  2. I agree with your stance on capital punishment. He wanted to commit mass murder. That should be automatic in my view.


  3. The media is reporting this as “lone wolf” and “non-aligned”. HELLO! He is MUSLIM!!!!!

    allah akbar


  4. He is NOT non-aligned. Your USA media is absolutely hopeless. That is why I get the story from the British Press.