Sirte airport is captured again, and Libya’s Baghdad Bob dresses like a woman

According to this BBC report, the NTC units that have been fighting to capture Sirte, have captured Moussa Ibrahim, the Gadhafi mouthpiece at the Rixos Hotel. Moussa Ibrahim is a relation of Moammer Gadhafi, and he was the front man at the Rixos Hotel because of his excellent command of English. Moussa Ibrahim was working hard to take the crown from Baghdad Bob, and perhaps it should be noted that the worst of his propaganda were the lies that he told about Eman al-Obeidi, the woman who was raped by 15 of Daffy’s men (including some that were Gadhafi relatives) at a checkpoint leading into Tripoli.

What caught my eye in the BBC report is that it has been rumoured that Moussa Ibrahim was trying to escape by dressing in the clothing of a woman. This of course is a good reason as to why the burqa should be banned. What I am thinking here that Moussa Ibrahim has been all bravado until now, and his hiding in Sirte is probably evidence that other members of the Gadhafi family have been hiding in the same location. I think it is Mutassim Gadhafi who has been in Saif has been hiding out in Bani Walid.

Since his escape from Tripoli (and he left in a mighty hurry) Moussa Ibrahim has continued with the propaganda. He has given a regular diatribe, most of which has been exaggerated and totally lacking in reality. The situation in Sirte and Bani Walid remains grave, and there are citizens within those towns who are being held hostage as human shields for the Daffy Duck loyalists. Even if you resent these people because they are Muslim, one should pray for their well-being during this time.

There is still no real sign of where Daffy Duck might be hiding but one possibility is that he is in a border town between Libya and Algeria, possibly Gadames (sp) where he will be hiding with the Tourareg, who have been his supporters, as well as mercenaries from Niger and Chad, and possibly some mercenaries from Algiers.

 UPDATE: As usual, it seems that someone has jumped the gun with regard to Moussa Ibrahim. Whilst the BBC reported that Libya’s Baghdad Bob was caught just outside of Sirte, and dressed as a woman, complete with veil, the people in Misrata have stated that they have not been able to confirm this information.




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  1. Breaking and I will write this up tomorrow. The Yemen government is claiming that Anwar al-Awlaki has been killed. He was wanted dead or alive anyway.


  2. Air Force Brat

    I saw on Lucianne where Obutthead “personally ordered” al-Awlaki’s killing. Surprise surprise. An even bigger surprise would be if he actually thinks this will be of any more help to his re-election chances than bin Laden’s demise.

    Let’s see if my intuitions are correct: I predict that there will be no photos shown of al-Awlaki’s corpse.


  3. Here is my rant for the day:

    Free Speech – Important

    One can argue that it may be imprudent to say certain things. But the principle (particularly, the Constitutional RIGHT) of free speech must specifically allow imprudent speech, even offensive speech – otherwise it is meaningless pabulum.

    There is perhaps some leeway as to what power private industry has to regulate speech in regards the operation of their business. But when a Government is involved, must it not be the case that this principle is inviolate?

    Perhaps even more telling is the lopsided application. Apparently Muslims can say anything they want, but Christians or Jews are significantly curtailed. This is not only against the American Way and ILLEGAL, but in a time of crisis, this is definitely foolish and definitely borders on treason (aiding and abetting the enemy).

    Even if you astonishingly believe there is such a thing as a Moderate Muslim, you must admit that the anti-Christian and anti-Jewish signery is not coming from THEM. Further “attack ads” against Muslims are aimed at the extremists and jihadists (i.e. savages). If there were such a thing, a Moderate Muslim would be first in line to agree with ads against honor killings, etc. But, of course, this is not the case.

    Further understand that there are savages everywhere – your city or even your town or community probably has at least a few. Some of these may be Christians, and/or otherwise “voting Americans”. It is critically important to speak out against savages wherever and however they exist. There is no place for savagery in modern Western Civilization.

    We must be aware of ALL forms of “appeasement”. It has been proven over and over and over that the best appeasement can do is postpone the problem until it is even harder to deal with. Appeasement is another form of negotiation – “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” – and WE MUSTN’T NEGOTIATE WITH SAVAGES.

    Finally, we must be especially wary of the following scenario. One I believe is 99% real and is very likely going to happen. An appeasing government will secure a temporary peace from the savages. A new AMERICAN government will begin to “take it to the enemy”. The enemy will naturally fight back. At which point there will be a hue and cry from the media and the sheeple. Not only that, but they will scream that they were safe under the appeasing government and are now less safe under this new government. Appeasement could then very easily return for good.


  4. Since I’m on a roll, a got a couple of comments past the gatekeeper at Mario’s blog. Check it out:


  5. @AFB apparently he did order the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki. I am not surprised because Anwar al-Awlaki encourage the Ft. Hood massacre. He plotted the attempt on the flight between Amsterdam and Detroit, he was responsible for the attempt with the toner cartridges, and on top of that his name came up as being the imam at the Virginia mosque where some of the September 11 plotters were said to have attended mosque. In other words he was in on the September 11 massacre.


  6. To add to the confusion of these reports, it is also reported that the author of Inspire Online, Samir Khan has been killed along with Al-Awlaki.

    Samir Khan is also an American citizen, but he is Saudi born.


  7. Air Force Brat

    But all of that makes me wonder, Aussie — why DID he give the order, given his blatant Muslim sympathizing, hate for America and the West, etc.? As far as I can see, there would seem to be only two possible reasons: 1) That Obutthead gave the go-ahead “after the fact” (think of the story re bin Laden, and Panetta “going around” Obutthead); or 2) That he has no regard whatsoever for anything al-Awlaki has done to America (due to the above-mentioned factors), but actually thinks this will get him re-elected.

    I’ll be so glad when the elections are done and we (hopefully) have some sanity restored and can begin to rid the country of the filth and stench of corruption! (A nice bonus is that all the hand-wringers, woe-is-me Chicken Littles, and Alex Jones fanatics will finally shut the hell up about Obutthead cancelling the elections and declaring martial law).


  8. AFB you raise a good question about why he would give the order. Perhaps Leon Panetta gave the order and Østupid is taking credit (again!!)



    Do you need any more proof that this moron is not “brilliant” and that he is just a trained Teleprompter Reader?

    Where is the outrage? Where is the excoriation by the media?

    (Listen carefully at the 0:34 mark)

    Do you still really think he is smart enough and erudite enough to have written his own book? So what, you say – most people have help writing their autobiographies, even totally ghostwritten. The problem is that this buffoon used the literary style of “his” book as proof that he was smart. He has lyingly claimed HE wrote it. He has never acknowledged any help at all. All other such ghostwritten books either have the writer as a co-author or profusely identified in the acknowledgments. What a total schmuck!


  10. Carlyle | October 3, 2011 at 3:57 am |
    I agree! The first time I heard that video it was almost unbelievable. How in the world could he refer to “Michael and I” when he is referring to them as a couple? His brain is truly disengaged from his mouth. Ordinary people just don’t make mistakes like that.


  11. Has anyone been to this site? It is worth the time, i.e., if you want to hear more from the pResident. It is the Obamateurism of the week:


  12. I cannot stand his voice. It is impossible to look at the clip because of his horrible voice!!


  13. @Cabby I think it is further proof that he is taking drugs.


  14. More “maggot in chief”. When will this hell stop? Rick Perry gets in trouble because a racist word was painted on an old rock somewhere near where he used to hunt? And this “person” has done far worse, many times, and continues everyday to plumb the depths of fraud, duplicity, and ANTI-Americanism? What is wrong with us?

    I guessing all the stuff he has suppressed is like this and worse – much worse.

    Sorry to be so strident today, but this whole situation is beyond ridiculous.


  15. Why should anyone be surprised that Østupid has marched with the NBPP. Considering that his neighbour is a leader of the movement, it goes without saying that he is up to his eyeballs with involvement.

    This might, however, be the opportunity to investigate whether he was the one who gave the instruction to dismiss the case against those NBPP for voter intimidation.

    It all makes sense. He is using the NBPP to intimidate. This is the threat that he holds over anyone who goes against him.

    He is definitely not like Malcolm X who had the rhetoric but who did not stir up people to commit crime in the last years of his life.


  16. Aussie, I agree wholeheartedly about the drug issue with O. His brain is fried, I believe. Evil, but fried.

    Carlyle, those pics of O with his buddies from Black Panthers add one more enforcement to our opinions of the DOJ dismissing the charges a couple of years ago. J. Christian Adams has a new book coming out about the biases and wrongdoing in the DOJ. You remember, he is the whistleblower that had the courage to come forth and publicly reveal what is going on there.