Fast and Furious and Eric Holder – Impeach him now!!

Evidence is now available that Eric Holder lied to the Congress. You can see the evidence for yourself at Big Government.

In the past there have been several people who have been successfully prosecuted and landed in jail because of the perjury laws. However, it seems that Eric Holder is untouchable. The man lied. He knew about the operation, and there is now evidence of the memos that were sent to him. He received at least 5 memos about the operation. Please the article for yourself.

If Eric Holder is such a lying SOB, then he is also protecting somebody else, who is also a lying SOB. In fact I saw a Youtube video of Jack McCafferty dumping on Østupid about his lying. It could be that the announced death of Anwar al-Awlaki has unleashed the beast, causing the tide to turn in an unexpected way, or it could be that Jack has had enough of covering for the slimeball. I do not know, but the piece itself was quite entertaining.

The gun running operation allowed guns to end up in the hands of the Mexican cartels who have used those weapons against law enforcement officials. One law enforcement agent is dead, but there are hundreds of Mexicans that have also been killed by these same cartels.  The whole purpose of the operation is totally disgraceful. It is against your 2nd Amendment rights to have people in the White House making such a blatant attempt to curb gun ownership through such an outlandish scheme. 



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