More on Operation Fast and Furious from American Thinker

This is one of the best articles that I have seen on the subject of what happened. It actually goes a lot further than the articles on Big Government because it has revealed an even bigger cover up. Eric Holder is one of the most rotten individuals ever to hold the position of Attorney General. He is an absolute disgrace, and I am shocked that the Congress approved his appointment to the position for a second time. There needs to be one very big investigation into the matters relating both to the dismissal of the New Black Panther Party case and the failed operation known as Fast and Furious.

The stonewalling in the case has been at several levels. All along there has been a failure to cooperate with the Congress, that is until Mr. Melson appeared before the committee and gave his evidence. You see, the Justice Department intended to use Melson as the fall guy. The story is extremely grubby, and after reading this report I have no doubt in my mind that the people responsible for ordering this operation in the first place are in the White House and that the orders came from the Oval Office.

In a nutshell, the person who is investigating the matter for the Justice Department is not independent of the Justice Department. She is the acting Auditor-General, Schadner and look behind the curtain, what do you find? Schnedar had a very close relationship with Eric Holder, to the point of having prepared briefs with him on several court cases. She is not independent of Eric Holder.

What is worse is that Holder is attempting to cover up by referring to this internal investigation that is being done by someone who has a close association with him, as does Østupid. The pair seem to think that all they have to do is to keep mentioning an investigation that iteself is going nowhere and is being used as yet another tool for stonewalling.

As further evidence that Eric Holder and Østupid are implicated is the fact that Michael Horowitz, an associate of both Holder and Eddie Breuer has been appointed as the Inspector-General. There is no independence between the Justice Department and the Inspector-General because of these political appointments and the fact that they are people so closely associated with Eric Holder.

The Justice Department is totally on the nose. I cannot remember hearing these stories even when Clinton was in charge, and it seems to me that the department is much smellier than it was at that time. Eric Holder made some outrageous decisions when Clinton was President, and it led to Marc Rich, a Dem donor being pardoned for his crimes, as well as members of the FALN being pardoned for their crimes. Holder is totally corrupt, but he has been untouchable for a very long time.

Please read the article at the American Thinker for yourself, and then start putting all of the pieces together. The road is clearly leading to one person who gave the orders for this operation in the first place. The buck does not stop at Eric Holder.


7 responses to “More on Operation Fast and Furious from American Thinker

  1. Someone please explain this to me – – –

    Many of us truly and strongly believe that – at a minimum – F&F is a specific plot to increase gun-related violence and therefore make it easy to pass draconian gun laws. And that F. King Obama and Eric Holder are the primary instigators.

    But how can you ever prove that?

    As it sits right now, the most you can prove is that F&F is a botched operation. i.e. a “good idea” that got out of hand. After all, across America, and over decades (centuries?) of experience there have been numerous sting and undercover operations. Some work, and some come up croppers. Most such failures are basically just not discussed and so do not become witch hunts. Occasionally there is an outcry and some mid-level operative gets fired or put on administrative leave.

    I view this the same way. I do not see how it has any political legs. I wish and hope I am wrong, but just do not yet understand. I am sure there are dozens (hundreds?) or equally bizarre but legitimate secret operations underway right now. This is in no way out of the ordinary.

    Now, the Black Panther thing, and favoritism to political associates, those are entirely different.

    What am I missing?


  2. Carlyle, you are missing the whole point of why it has become important.

    Once again, it is not the actions so much as it is the cover up. The whole thing should never have been started in the first place, but right now it is a case of finding out who instigated it, and why Eric Holder is lying.

    Eric holder gave evidence under oath. He perjured himself when he claimed that he knew nothing about the case, just like he claimed all those years ago that he knew nothing about the FALN.

    The Congress should continue this investigation until the truth emerges.


  3. Sure, I understand that. But if it is “just” a righteous operation gone sour, then Holder’s lie is just a little lie. Like for BJ Clinton. Nothing will come of it.

    Similarly, so what if either Holder or even F. King Obama ordered or initiated the operation? Unless you can prove they did it for malicious reasons, you are still nowhere.

    Like I said, I personally believe they were trying on purpose to cause problems so that they can more easily grab guns from us. But I do not see how to prove that.

    Like you said about another topic – it is a distraction. Nothing will come of this.


  4. Carlyle, Clinton was impeached for perjury in the House!! Something did come of it!! The problem was in the Senate where some Republicans would not go to the next step.

    In a way they were correct to have cold feet. Can you imagine what Al Gore would have done as President? No thanks Bill was the better choice, even though he was a low down dirt bag.


  5. As for Eric Holder, I actuallly think that something can happen because the House and the Senate have the power to impeach and sack him.

    I think that Eric Holder leads to the bigger fish who actually made the decision, and it was not a little lie with regard to Fast and Furious. It is a very big lie.


  6. This is just more evidence why nothing will come of this.

    The fawning media will imbibe every lie by Obama and Holder and paint them as messiahnic heros regardless of facts. No judge or congress committee will touch the sacred black gods.

    Some mid-level scape goat will be found and everything will go quiet.


  7. The Congress is more powerful than the media. Also, I have noticed that there has been a slight change in the stance by the media in recent months. Do not be so hasty in thinking that nothing will happen.

    Fast and Furious is on the way to breaking out into a very big scandal.