The Investigation must move forward

The stories about Fast and Furious are continuing but you would never know that because the LSM does not bring them up. This is a story that makes Watergate pale into insignificance. For pity’s sake who gives a rats whether someone broke into the DNC headquarters – but it was in fact the lies and the cover up that caused so many to end up in jail. Fast and Furious is much worse because lives have been lost in Mexico as well as the life of Brian Terry.

In this story from Big Government, Congressman Raul Labrador has written a letter demanding the resignation of Eric Holder. The problems that current exist are:

1. The continuing stonewalling by the Department of (In)Justice and the refusal to cooperate with the Congress investigation.

2. Stonewalling by the White House. The latest is that the White House declares that Eric Holder has told the truth in his evidence before the Congress, even though there is documentary evidence that proves he committed perjury.

Eric Holder was informed about the operation. The documentary evidence in the form of at least 5 memos has now been produced that shows Eric Holder committed perjury. There is one massive cover-up going on.

So why did Eric Holder commit perjury? My answer is that he, in turn, was covering up for someone else within the White House. Two other names have been mentioned as people who have known about the operation, but the buck does not stop at them.

There has been a call for a Special Prosecutor to investigate the whole matter. The White House is resisting and that snake in the grass Jay Carney just laughs it off. I would suggest that this could indeed show that the buck stops at the Oval Office.

The operation itself, and the reason that it was implemented in the first place, has always been suspicious. This is because the ultimate reasoning behind the operation was to make a move to take away your Second Amendment rights on the grounds that these weapons were falling into the hands of the drug cartels. Considering that the White House is in the hands of the Chicago Mob, it is unsurprising that they want to take away your right to carry guns. If you do not have the right to carry guns, then it means that a dictatorship, as proposed by Watermelons who are indeed Marxists could go ahead, with Østupid at the helm.

If anything, the heavy involvement of Eric Holder in the operation is a fair indicator that the orders came from the Oval Office.

This brings me back to the New Black Panther Party case which Østupid caused to be dropped even though they were guilty of voter intimidation. Once again it has been Eric Holder who has been doing the stonewalling. Yet, look behind the curtain and the Chicago Mob is evident. Actually it is more sinister because now photos are emerging of Østupid being seen with members of the NBPP which means that he was directly behind their voter intimidation in the first place.

If you start tracing the history of the NBPP all the way back to Malcolm X (he was executed by them), and then look at who gave the orders to kill Malcolm X, the name that emerges is one who is very much associated with Østupid. The relationship between the NBPP and people like William Ayers is also very clear, as is the relationship between Østupid and William Ayers.


2 responses to “The Investigation must move forward

  1. Aussie, here is something that may really help inform people:

    You might not know who J. Christian Adams is off the top of your head, but you’ll likely know what made him famous. Adams is the “whistleblower” associated with the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case spanning back to the 2008 election. Now, he’s out with a book, and he’s making some damning accusations.

    The book, titled “Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department,” is due out Tuesday.

    “With great courage and investigative skill, this former Department of Justice attorney single-handedly exposes how Barack Obama and Eric Holder have systematically perverted the rule of law—for patently unjust, un-American, race-based ends,”


  2. Cabby, I am very familiar with J. Christian Adams and the New Black Panther Party issue.

    This story is huge, and I think it leads back to Østupid. I believe that it was Østupid who told Holder to get the case dropped, because Østupid was involved and told them to do the intimidation. Pennsylvania was not the first place where the intimidation occurred.