An interesting read about Anwar al-Awlaki

Like I have already stated, it does not bother me that Anwar Al-Awlaki met his end via a rocket or whatever was used to kill him. According to Der Spiegel just after his death was announced, per this report, it was not confirmed whether it was the Yemeni military or the American CIA who was responsible for his death.

There are a few things that can be teased out of the report that I think are of interest:

1. Was Anwar al-Awlaki actually a member of AQAP? There seems to be some question about whether or not he was officially a part of the organization, including the point that it appears he did not take the Al Qaeda oath. On the other hand, he refused to state to the Yemeni government that he was not a part of Al Qaeda.

2. Was Anwar al-Awlaki born to U.S. citizen parents? It seems like he was a classic case of being born in the USA to non-citizen parents, meaning that he had no real allegiance to the USA. He was born in New Mexico, and he lived in the USA until the age of 6, when his family returned to Yemen. He then returned to the USA in his early 20s for study purposes.  In this case, my understanding is that his citizenship of the USA is very open to question. It is a reason why being born on the soil should not be enough reason for citizenship to be granted or considered.

3. Anwar al-Awlaki inspired a number of people involved in jihadi incidents including Major Nidal Hasan.

4. The Yemeni military were also hunting Anwar al-Awlaki.


2 responses to “An interesting read about Anwar al-Awlaki

  1. Something that puzzles me..When McVeigh was accused of the Ok didn’t take long to have him executed.Yet all these others like Maj. Hasan are still around and he is still getting around two thousand a month,from the Army..Does this make sense? I have always felt, they wanted to shut McVeigh up about the they took care of him very fast..Just a thought..


  2. I think that you make a very valid point. Major Hasan is fit for trial yet nothing has happened. I guess it will not happen until Østupid is removed from the White House.

    In the case of McVeigh there are definitely some missing pieces, and with McVeigh out of the way there will not be a revelation of those missing pieces, like the identity of John Doe 3.

    Considering that the man who is John Doe 3 was a member of Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi guard, one can only conclude that this was a secret reason as to why GWB went after Saddam Hussein with such vigor, yet Clinton was reluctant to pursue the matter.

    Also, worth noting the role of Eric Holder at the time of the OKC incident, and his current role. They willingly pursued the man who was in all likelihood a dupe but they are not willing to complete the trial of a man who was committing jihad, according to its real meaning.