The story that is not going away

The common theme for a site like Citizen Wells is Chicago corruption, which includes the corrupt and perverted Østupid. My own theme is a lot wider because I feel that we cannot stand still looking back all the time at the NBC issue. Yes, that is extremely important, and yes I believe that Østupid is not NBC.  I base my belief on the facts as they have been presented to the American and the world public, that the father of Østupid is Barack Hussein Obama I, who was a Kenyan, thus a British citizen. What this means is that the father of the child passes on citizenship, which makes Østupid at best a dual citizen. What I want to point out here is that I also base my belief on the knowledge that I have always had regarding who is eligible to be President. It is my family history that provides the anecdotal evidence of my knowledge. My mother’s sister, Ada, married her American Marine at the end of the Second World War. She was a part of the group of wives and fiancees who traveled by ship to the USA at the end of the war. She gave birth to 7 children – 5 boys and 2 girls – but she did not become an American citizen prior to their births. My understanding has always been that none of my remaining cousins are eligible to be President because my aunt was not a citizen of the USA at the time of giving birth to them. However, that does not alter their American citizenship. This is my understanding of the situation, and for this reason alone, based upon the claims made by Østupid himself, the man was always ineligible. The place of birth makes no difference to the eligibility of this particular person.

However, worrying about the NBC issue has become a distraction from the other things that have been going on. I will not get into the economic incompetence that continues but I will have something to say about some of those things in future posts (Solyndra is of interest to me). If I was to worry about the NBC issue all of the time then I would miss the big and brewing scandals that could end up bringing down Østupid, because he has been a real dunce on such matters as Second Amendment Rights.

There are at least 2 very pressing issues that I consider to be far more important, and two of them have been brewing since the beginning of this particular presidency. I refer to Fast and Furious, as well as the New Black Panther voter intimidation case. In both case Eric Holder has his fingerprints all over those scandals. What I believe to be the case is that behind Eric Holder is his real boss, who I believe ordered Holder to take those actions.

Østupid is tied to the leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, as is Moochelle the big cow, and there are photos that prove both of them are indeed involved with Farrakhan and his wife. The Nation of Islam is also entwined with the New Black Panthers. In fact, if you look back into history, you might find another interesting link to the Black Panthers, namely the Weather Underground and William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn. Everything keeps leading back to William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn. 

From the time that I learned about the attempted and very real voter intimidation I have suspected that it was Østupid who actually gave the orders to have the case dropped, because Østupid was working with the NBPP to ensure that certain white voters, and even some black voters who were intending to vote for Hilary Clinton in the primaries were scared away from the polls. This is the story that is having a hard time finding the light of day, but who knows there might be a chink in the rock and the sunlight will eventually shine through.

This gets me to the second issue, which involves Fast and Furious. The orders to ensure that those guns ended up in the hands of that one particular Mexican drug cartel could only have come from the top. Eric Holder lied under oath. In my book those lies are perjury, and just like Bill Clinton was subject to impeachment because he also lied under oath, the same has happened to Holder. He is a lying sack of cow manure.  So why is he lying? Is he doing it to protect his boss? It will not be the first time that he has lied.

Keep in mind here that any internal Department of Justice investigtaion of the matter is already tainted. It is not possible for the DoJ to have an investigation of the matter without the taint, because  the woman who has been acting IG has had a very close relationship with Eric Holder, which would mean that she has an agenda to make slow progress on the investigation, or to whitewash Eric Holder. 

Everything that points to Eric Holder also points to the knowledge of the one who occupies the Oval Office, and if not directly then through Valerie Jarrett, his minder.

If you see anything on Fast and Furious as well as the NBPP then please post those links.


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