She is a doctor in the U.K. – her experience with the NHS

I just spotted this story and I think it is well worth your time to read the truth about the NHS. The Australian system is based upon the NHS but the doctors are not employed by the government like they are in the U.K.

I am well aware that Abominablecare is not going to do anything to improve health outcomes. This is because we have a system here that is based upon us paying an extra amount on our taxes to pay for Medicare. In my view it is an utter failure. Without a doubt the system let my sister down when she was complaining of not being well, and this is one reason why this woman’s story strikes a chord for me.

The basics of her story are:

1. she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

2. she had to fight to get both treatment and proper diagnosis, meaning the life-saving scans after the first cancer was treated.

3. She paid huge sums of money for her treatment by going private.

4. The form of cancer usually has a very poor prognosis. From what I think I am reading in the story, this woman was possibly using the drug developed by the Canadian doctor who died days before being awarded a Nobel prize for his discoveries relating to the immune system. The doctor had to pay big money to be able to get to use treatment with that drug.

There are people in the USA who actually believe that Abominablecare is going to make a difference with regard to treatment of those diagnosed with cancer. Nothing could be further from the truth. This woman’s story is all about what happens when government is in charge of health matters – it is called rationing.


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  1. I just posted this over at Mario’s place. They are so focused on NBC and legal minutiae that I doubt this will stir up much discussion. But I view this as the central nut of the whole thing. See also this website for context:

    Something still does not make sense – in regard Zero’s parentage. Or any of these Photoshop Theories.

    What is the point? Why bother? By all indications, Zero is nothing special. Even if he is MX’s son. So what. He is a common “dime a dozen” urban street thug. So why to the puppeteers need HIM? If he is all this trouble, why did they not simply throw him away and get another puppet?

    We will not make any progress until we understand that critical “why”. Obviously something is VERY SPECIAL about Zero. We certainly have not seen that yet. What is it????


  2. yes, I saw this article, saw the story at the site, and I am not convinced. The fact is that they are really stretching things to make the connection.

    It does no good at all because Malcolm X was indeed a far better person than Louis Farrakhan who is the man who ordered the execution of Malcolm X.

    The whole thing is a distraction.


  3. I am 50/50 on the MX thing. I am neither totally convinced nor totally unconvinced. But my comments still stand, regardless.

    “Somebody” went to a lot of trouble when they could have just as easily scraped another thug up off the street. Why?


  4. Carlyle, follow the money or rather have a good look at his associates. I think that this is the real clue.
    He was supposed to have gone to Columbia University, and it is possible that he was there at the same time as William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn were there. He associated with people like Frances Fox Piven, and Brezcinzki.
    There have been many, many rumours and I do consider many of the ideas to be false, except that I think he was somehow associated not with the CIA but with the KGB.

    Most of his associates when growing up were Marxists, and some of them were no doubt involved with the KGB.

    He went to Chicago because he was already known amongst a certain crowd. On top of that he was associated with ACORN from the beginning.

    The only thing that I cannot fathom is why certain people were willing to pay for his tuition at Harvard.

    So here is a theory: these people were willing to put up with Østupid because of the man who is his putative father. Yes, Obama sr. is very likely the missing key to the mystery.

    We have been quite dismissive of the putative father, but I think that is where most of us have made a mistake. This is because we have not looked closely at the politics of the father, which was Marxism.

    Obama Sr. had a reputation. He was known at Harvard. He was known to the Marxists who lived in Hawaii and he was known to the Marxists at Harvard University. It would have been expected that his son was a red diaper baby, and it does seem that he was brought up that way.

    The grandparents were also Marxists, perhaps just travellers but they were known amongst the Marxists in Hawaii and on the mainland. They had connections to the Chicago Marxists. People like Peter Geithner had connections with the family. There are strong Marxist connections.

    It is not beyond the bounds of possibilities that these same Marxists saw the possibilities that existed and that they planned to help get this person elected. Think about this, the political career was launched in the lounge room of none other than William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn.

    It is a scary thought but I am really coming around to the idea that this was a plot conceived by Ayers and Dorhn.


  5. Sure, that is all a possibility and makes sense – but would be hard to prove. And I am all for digging to find out.

    But if all that is true (or any other similar scenario I can think of whereby F. King Obama, hisself, is important – as opposed to random street trash), then the grooming must have started pretty early.

    A decade or two ago, it would have been utterly preposterous that anybody thought to make him POTUS. There seems to have been a bit of luck and a target of opportunity – an unexpected alignment of the stars, so to speak). So then the question is: WHAT was he being groomed for?

    So many legitimate questions, and NO REAL ANSWERS. Just a lot of speculation.


  6. I do not think that there was any early grooming. However, someone was willing to send the addict to college and pay for the tuition.

    I still think it boils down to his associates.