Going too far on foreign soil

NO, this is not about those drone attacks in Pakistan or Yemen, even though I disapprove of the use of drones in those countries. This is a story that has just emerged regarding the activities of the Iranians.

Eric Holder has announced that a plot to blow up the Saudi Embassy and to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the USA in Washington has been foiled. The report states the following:

The plot was “conceived” in Iran by the Quds force, part of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, he added.

Mr Holder described the $1.5m assassination plot as being “conceived, sponsored and directed by Iran”, and said Tehran would be held accountable for its alleged involvement.

Top Iranian officials were responsible for the plans, Mr Holder said, adding that the White House would be announcing steps against Iran in the next few hours.

The two men allegedly linked to the plot were named as Manssor Arbabsiar, a 56-year-old naturalised US citizen with dual Iranian and US passports, and Gholam Shakuri, based in Iran and said to be a member of Iran’s Quds Force

Mr Arbabsiar, who was arrested in John F Kennedy airport in New York on 29 September, has confessed to his involvement in the alleged plot, Mr Holder said. Mr Shakuri remains at large in Iran.

On 24 May 2011 Mr Arbabsiar made contact with an informant for the US Drug Enforcement Agency, under the impression that he was an operative of a Mexican drugs cartel.

Over a series of meetings, detailed emerged of a conspiracy that involved members of the Iranian government to pay $1.5m for the assassination of Saudi Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir on US soil.

The plot would have been carried out with the use of explosives, Mr Holder said. But he added that no explosives were ever put in place and the public was not in danger.

Mr Holder said the plans led Mr Arbabsiar, with approval from Mr Shakuri, to wire $100,000 to a US bank account as a downpayment for the assassination.

They have been charged with conspiracy to murder a foreign official, weapons conspiracy, and conspiracy to commit international terrorism charges over alleged plans to kill the Saudi ambassador.

Mr Holder said the alleged conspiracy amounted to a “flagrant violation of US and international law” and breaches international conventions that protect diplomats from harm.

FBI Director Robert Mueller told reporters: “Though it reads like the pages of a Hollywood script, the impact would have been very real and many lives would have been lost.

If you click on the link you can actually read the charge documents relating to what has taken place.

This is HUGE!!  Iran has been yet another sponsor of terrorism that has been working quietly behind the scenes. This has overtones of what took place with regard to OKC because a foreign power has been involved in the planning. This is different from the plot to take out the World Trade Centre in that no foreign power actually owned Al Qaeda, but in this case there is a direct link back to the Iranian Quds guard.

Now it could be that Ahmanutjob was behind the plans, or it could be that the Grandpoohbah was behind the plans, this is something that will have to come out in the wash. However, keep in mind that Iran is sending a Navy ship to the coast of the USA so they must have been plotting the killing of the Saudi Ambassador with a bigger target in mind.

Can anyone say Iranian Armageddon?

On the other hand, if you begin to investigate the history of Islam, like I have, you will find a whole mish mash of information regarding the Shia and the Sunni, and on top of that the group that actually follow something else that is Ismailism. There are other variants of Islam, and some of those variants are not as hostile to the West. The most hostile at the moment is the Shia under Iran, followed by the Sunni and in particular the Wahibbi. The least hostile from what I have gathered is Ismailism which is the group that follow the Agca Kahn (but even this group have gone through the military thing in the past, it is just that the present Agca Kahn is not hostile, and is teaching his people to be philanthropists and to consider jihad to mean a personal struggle, which is hard for us to comprehend).

Here is something else to consider: For a long period of time Saudi Arabia has been trying to fend off the attempts by Iran to cause destabilization in that country. Whilst we know that Al Qaeda is anti-Saudi rulers, they are also not necessarily being funded by Iran (they are Sunni, not Shia). Saudi Arabia has been secretly backing Israel whilst at the same time presenting itself as being anti-Israel. Iran backed Daffy Duck and was attempting to supply him with weapons even though a ban on weapons supply had been imposed. Yes, I know, the French also broke the ban to supply weapons to the Berber in the Libyan mountains. Iran is involved behind the scenes in the Egyptian revolution, but has been cut out of the Libyan revolution, whilst Saudi Arabia backed the revolutionaries in Libya. The targets of the potential attack were: the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the USA, the Saudi Embassy, the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC as well as various Saudi and Israeli embassies in other countries. Also, Iran is sending a war ship into American coastal waters.

UPDATE: This news item is becoming hot property because of the implications at the highest possible levels. Pajamas Media is carrying a report from Barry Rubin who asks some critical questions, including what should be an obvious one to ask: if the Iranian who has been charged with these offences had made contact with actual members of the Zeta cartel, instead of the DEA undercover agent, what would the outcome have been?

It really seems to have been more luck than anything else that the Iranian-American ended up dealing with a man who was working with the DEA instead of an actual member of the Zeta cartel.

UPDATE 2: The Iranians have not wasted time in trying to claim that the whole thing did not happen. I have seen one Iranian writer furiously denying that it is possible that either Khamenei or Ahmanutjob could have authorized such a thing. I took one look at the name of the author and dismissed that particular report. However, there is another report, which can be found here, which gives good reasons to believe that the Mr. Big in Iran is actually General Suelimani.

I think the most convincing reason that I have seen so far that it was genuine, happens to be the Saudi Ambassador himself. The man is no Kool-Aid drinker. He warned the USA against the Iranians. He is a very shrewd man, and I think that he is a very credible man. The report at the Daily Caller is well worth a read as it is another very good analysis of the whole thing.

The next most obvious question: would guns that were used in Fast and Furious ended up being involved in any action taken against the Saudi Embassy?



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