If OCWS was grassroots, why is it necessary to advertise on Craigslist?

I just saw this piece on Infidel Bloggers. It is an expose that links the White House to the Occupy Wall Street anarchy movement. The expose referts to Patrick Gaspard who has the same position in the Østupid Administration as Karl Rove did in the Bush Administration.

Patrick Gaspard is associated with ACORN and the Working Families Party, both of which are EXTREME LEFT wing organizations. What I find interesting is that Gaspard placed advertising on Craigslist offering to pay individuals to come and to the Occupy Wall Stree event.

If this was grassroots like the TEA movement, then it would not be necessary to advertise and pay for people to become involved in the protest. This is the one thing that I quickly learned about the TEA protests. These were protests were there was a groundswell of individuals who do not normally take part in protests.

There are other differences too. The Occubaggers are dirty, filthy, smelly individuals who are quite happy not having a bath. They are also aligned to the unions, and of course they are paid anarchists. It seems these are the individuals that are attracted to the Østupid regime.  On the other hand the TEA people are family members who brought their children along, were always clean and tidied up after themselves, and there were no Che Guevera signs to be found at a TEA rally.


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