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Walid Phares has waded in on the strategy that is being used by Tehran. I agree with the majority of his analysis on the subject for a variety of reasons. Iran is the enemy of both Saudi Arabia and Israel. Yes, Israel is the unlikely bedfellow of Saudi Arabia. Please read the whole thing at Big Peace. His analysis is well worth the time.

Whilst some might want to concentrate upon the piece of vermin who sits in the White House, some of us have a slightly different focus, based upon an international scene that some would airily dismiss.  I can assure you that what has gone down is the very reason why I consider the likes of Ron Paul and Gary Johnson to be totally unsuitable for the role of POTUS (with Michelle Bachmann not far behind). None of these individuals have the ability to show the necessary strength against such a strong foe as those mad mullahs from Iran. Yes Ayatollah Khamanei is entirely mad, just like Ahmahnutjob.

As I have been mulling over these events, I have found myself considering several possible reasons as to why the Iranian Quds had decided to go for such a plot. Central to the plan is the Iranian relationship (or lack thereof) with Saudi Arabia and Israel. It is also central to the issue that Saudi Arabia is willing to do the nudge, nudge, wink, wink, if Israel decides to send out its aircraft to bomb the nuclear facilities in Iran, just like they did in Syria. It could be that this plot is an attempt by Iran to foil any such attempts by Israel. This is only one possibility.

The two biggest crises in the Middle East at the present time are:

1. the ongoing civil war in Libya (which is nearing its end) which has brought about the ouster of an ally of Iran, Moammar Gadhafi. Yes, it is true, Iran was backing Gadhafi, and had been supplying weapons.

2. the ongoing protests in Syria, where Iran is backing Assad. In fact Iranian Quds forces have been seen in Syria. Even the Lebanese cannot get into Syria to report precisely what is happening in that country.

On top of that, other aspects of the Arab Spring might be relevant, namely the crackdown that took place in Bahrain. It would seem that those behind the protests in Bahrain were Shia allied to Iran, and Bahrain used Saudi forces to crack down on the protesters. This would give Khamanei a very strong motive to want to cause a very serious incident with Saudi Arabia.

As the news unfolds several things have been clear, and that is the Quds would not act unless Khamanei had personally given the order to hit the Saudi embassies. This is also overshadowing the fact that Iran has sent a warship to the US coast. This is yet another very sinister move on behalf of Iran.

The activities of Iran in the world indicate that it continues to be a scourge to the rest of the world. It also shows that the beer summit style of diplomacy does not work. There is no way that the attempt to reach out by the naive clowns in the White House was ever going to work. Khamenei is far too dangerous.

My view on this subject is that Ahmanutjob and the Grand Poohbah are once again trying to push the Iranian version of Armageddon upon the world in preparation for their mythical 12th imam to return. If you do not understand all this talk about the 12th imam then I suggest that you do some research and find out because these guys are totally nuts with this particular belief. They actually think that some kid who fell down a well hundreds of years ago is going to emerge from that well when the conditions in the world are just right!!

Something that I left out about the Agca Khan and his followers, is that over 100 years ago the Agca Khan lived in Persia, or what is now called Iran. The difference though is that the followers of the Agca Khan believe that 7 is a perfect number, whereas the rest of the Iranians believe that 12 is important. What I have not stated outright about the Agca Khan is that within Ismailism (which is his form of Islam) the Agca Khan is the Supreme Leader, he is an imam to those followers. The real difference between the Grand Poohbah and the Agca Khan is that of lineage. The current Agca Khan traces his lineage back to a son of Fatima, the daughter of Mo the Pedophile, by the name of Ismail.  There are a lot of other differences, but what I want you to think about here is the fact that a lot of Iranians actually believe that Jihad means personal struggle, which is the opposite of the beliefs of the current leadership in that country.  In other words, the Grand Poohbah is an illegitimate ruler in Iran no matter which way you look at the subject. It is one reason why the Mullahs rule with an iron fist.




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