Food for thought

Once again this concerns the activities of Iran, which are becoming more and more threatening. This time the author is concerned about Iranian and Hezbollah activity in Venezuela.

Hugo Chavez is being treated for cancer. Depending upon his prognosis, it could mean that Venezuela could be about to shift away from the Marxist left of Chavez. However, since Chavez is involved with Iran, Hezbollah and of course Moammar Gadhafi, then it should not surprise that Hezbollah is active in South America.

Personally, I think that Americans should be very alarmed about such developments. If Iran has a sphere of influence in South America, such as Venezuela then Iran is moving closer and closer to the USA. The Grand Poohbah Khamenei has kept up the war that was declared by the late Ayatollah Khomenei.

The very bold scheme to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the USA was very likely approved by Khamenei, and if you read the article I pointed out on why he was the target, you will start to understand the connections. The scheme was more than an assassination attempt on the life of one Saudi Arabian. It also involved a plot to blow up foreign embassies: Israel, Saudi Arabia, and very likely the USA in other countries.

Personally, to me it sounds like Ahmanutjob is involved because it sounds a lot like what would happen if Ahmanutjob was trying to hasten the coming of the Mahdi. These people are quite seriously nuts, and because they are so nutty they are more than likely to get themselves mixed up in such a crazy scheme.

The other possibility happens to be that the people who planned the attacks are rogue members of the Quds. I do not believe that to be the case. I think that this is something approved by the crazy Khamenei.

2 responses to “Food for thought

  1. How could we possibly care or be alarmed? We don’t know about any of this stuff. The few of us who do are considered paranoid whack jobs – right wing nuts – and racists.

    Our media is totally AWOL on this. The only possible and reasonable reaction from the great masses who have neither the time, inclination, nor education to delve into this is “if there were a problem, I’m sure someone would tell us”.


  2. Then they want a repeat of the situation that developed under Jimmah Carter.
    Once you have a weak POTUS who has not a clue on these matters and actually does things that inflames the situation then you have a growing situation that could lead to world war.

    It is history repeating itself.