Pay attention to the man behind the curtain

The occupy Wall Street and its offshoots is actually quite bewildering unless of course you recognize that the people behind the movement are anarchists. Yes, it is true, and it is of no surprise to learn that this is something controlled by the anarchists all over the world. They are doing it here in Sydney and Melbourne, they are doing it in London, Rome and a whole host of countries and cities. They are all quite stupid!!

The fact that the anarchists and the Green/watermelon movement is involved should definitely make a person want to shiver in repulsion at these people and their motivations. From my heading you might think I am aiming this at George Soros, but that is not my intention.

Here is what I think: the White House is knee deep in doo-doo where this activity is concerned. Look at the names that have been revealed as involved: Patrick Gaspard is in the White House. As an organizer involved in ACORN and his ties to the Working Families Party (another name for the Communist Party), then there is Van Jones who is involved with the Watermelon Party aka the Greens Party. These are two names that have been emerging.

However, wait there is more, because the woman who has been named Lisa Fithian, is also closely associated with the SEIU, ACORN as well as other unions, and she is a noted anarchist who has been known to stir upt he crowds.

These people are being paid to have their sit in…yes that is correct, they are being paid by somebody to go along to these demonstrations and sit there. Who is paying them? On this I am betting Soros money is involved, and I am sure that his involvement will be unearthed.

However, this all sheets back to the White House, and in particular to the illegal occupant, the Pretender who forged his way into being POTUS, and who had people so mesmerized with their fart-sniffing that they became eyes glazed as they had to vote for this man despite all of the warning signs that he was one of the most corrupt politicians in the world.

I will be trying to provide links the exposure of the sources behind this astro-turf movement. Much work has already been done in exposing those who are out to destroy the USA. 

If Fast and Furious does not get this corrupt politician then maybe his involvement with Solyndra might get him. The White House is refusing to hand over papers to the Congress in relation to Solyndra. However, I think that we have a right to know who is the organizer behind this faux movement to gin up anger against Wall Street bankers when in fact it is the legislation that allowed a bunch of boneheads to get mortgages in the first place that caused the crisis. On top of that, like many others, I have my suspicions about why there was a run on the banks just at a critical moment in the Presidential campaign in 2008 and yes I am looking at George Soros, a hedge fund manager who has made billions by breaking banks.


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