Speaking the truth

This has come from an unusual source, especially the criticism of the welfare state. According to the Mail Online the UK needs to wake up to itself. Actually, the comments could be directed at any European nation as well as Australia, the USA and Canada. The target for the comments from Mr. Jin Liqun is the labour laws regarding things such as the hours of work.

It is interesting because Australia now has something like a 36 hour week instead of the old 40 hours, and the UK has a 40 hour working week. By comparison, the Chinese work a 47 hour working week. In other words, the Chinese work for longer hours and for less pay than in western countries.

As well as fairly criticizing some of our labour laws, there is also criticism of the welfare state. Now, keep in mind here that I am personally not against short term unemployment benefits whilst people get themselves back on their feet. However, I think that Mr. Liqun is correct to criticize a welfare state where people are able to get benefits for the long term, and I might add without having to work for those benefits. (during the Great Depression men and women had to work for the dole. That is why there were plenty of street cleaners. Today, in Spain, there is a similar scheme in place for some of the unemployed).

Needless to say, I am amused, and I am amazed that a member of the Chinese Communist Party is being critical of the west on such matters as social welfare. I am also in complete agreement with the comments that were directed at a disaster of a social welfare system that can be found in a number of western countries, that serves not those who are in genuine need of help because they are unemployed, but those who are too lazy to look for work!!


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