Star Wars and Innovation?

I am delighted with the post from Rusty Shackleford over at MyPetJawa. I saw this picture in a news report, and I admit that I loved it because of the innovation involved and because this monstrosity was created out of necessity by engineers in Misrata. The engineers in Misrata came up with some really great war toys, but this one is the best!!

Rusty has pinged with the correct name for this contraption. It is the Jawa Sandcrawler. Perfect!!

Actually, it is a bulldozer that has been used and then reinforced with concrete. Its purpose is to be able to retaliate against the snipers. The item was to be used in Tripoli but was not needed, so they ended up taking it to Sirte to use against Daffy Duck and his merry band of thugs. It must have worked because after they brought it in Daffy and thugs decided to make a run for it, and were captured.

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