Classic Fail – you just have to read this!!!

The Daily Caller has a piece on the thoughts of King Abdallah of Saudi Arabia.  Now up until 2008 the USA had a good alliance with Saudi Arabia. Despite what you think the Saud family has provided a measure of stability in the region, and what is more the Saudis would have been a reliable ally against Iran (in fact they remain against Iran).

However, thanks to the left leaning and ill-advised Østupid, that person who is alleged to be cerebral (whatever that means because he is most definitely not intelligent), it looks as if King Abdallah is totally p’d off with Østupid. Abdallah was not happy in the slightest at the treatment given to Hosni Muburak, which is in direct contrast with the reactions to Moammar Gadhafi.

Threats in the region of the Middle East really do matter. This is why Saudi Arabia, the UAE and a few other countries actually have a nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, relationship with Israel. It seems that Israel is their means of keeping Iran at bay. It explains why Israel was able to get away with flying to Syria and taking out those nuclear reactors. Thank God they took out those reactors because in Assad’s hands the possibility would be quite dangerous.

The Arab League has turned its attention to Syria. The talks have begun and the first step in the urging of reforms. Even though there are a lot of similarities between the suppression in Libya and Syria, the Syrian people have not asked for outside help at the present time, and even if they did ask, Russia and China remain a stumbling block.  I am not sure if Saudi Arabia is a friend to Russia, and again, if they were to turn in that direction, it would be dangerous for the USA.

I really urge you to read the link that I have provided because this is evidence that Østupid has done a lot of damage with regard to Foreign Policy and that his actions have indeed caused further instability in the region. I certainly believe that the ouster of Muburak was a very bad thing (even though he was a tyrant who repressed his people) because Muburak had been a buffer between Iran and the other Middle East states. I certainly believe that the real thing to worry about in Egypt is any possibility of an alliance with either Russia or Iran.



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