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Climategate 2.0

The news has been a bit sparse over the past week, except that Tony Rezko has finally been sentenced. I am yet to see how well this is being covered in the LSM.

The occubaggers continue on with their pooping in the parks, their urinating in the doorways of shops, throwing molotov cocktails, and generally being a nuisance. What else is new?

Just in time for the Durban conference on the farce known as the IPCC conference on the hoax called man made climate change, the anonymous “hacker” has released another 5000 emails. The process has been exactly the same with the emails being uploaded to a Russian server. From what I have seen of their contents, these emails actually reinforce the first lot.

Michael Mann and Phil Jones are a disgrace. Both of them should be thrown out of academia. What is more, they talk about “the cause”. What exactly is the cause? Do they mean the cause of George Soros to promote a one world government? If you do not remember, George Soros actually spoke about his delusions with regard to one world government at Copenhagen.

The approach of the Gaia worshippers is that these “scientists” have been cleared, even though the inquiries into their wrongdoing were a complete whitewash. They have alread spread the meme that the emails are to be ignored, and to push the idea that these “scientists” have already been probed and were cleared.

However, the new emails should in fact mean that there be fresh inquiries, this time led by outside third parties that will remain impartial. It is important that any further enquiry should be one that is not partisan, with no agenda to prop up the alarmism.

Some of the things that have come out should be cause for concern, including the proposition that they tell lies about the Great Barrier Reef. Well, there is one “scientist” by the name of Hoegh (sp) who does get on the news every so often and make claims that are patently false, since he does not even consider the impact of the Crown of Thorns starfish upon the reef. FYI when there is an infestation of the crown of thorns starfish the reef begins to die, but once this pest is eradicated the reef bounces back. Also, in the tropical areas, the reef is affected by cyclones and a number of other phenomen, which of course goes against the Globull warming meme.

Have you ever considered why they tried to change the name from Globull Warming to climate change? The real facts and these emails show that they did not have the data that supported their claims if they continued to call it globull warming, so they decided to call it climate change instead. How unoriginal. I think calling it “weather” would be more accurate.

The world is being conned by a group of individuals who want the research dollars. This much is obvious from the emails that have been released. It shows most of them to be unconscionable, but there is some hope because one person was active in trying to get them to talk with each other.

I note here, that Judith Curry, the professor who studies things like hurricanes and who was on the Mueller (sp) team that recently released a paper, has not exactly agreed with that paper, and it seems that Curry herself is at odds with these same individuals. This is because Judith Curry wants to engage the sceptics. As a result Jones and Mann are not willing to take her into their confidence. In that case, more power to Judith Curry as she seeks to educate people on the topic.


From Spring to a Winter of discontent

From Tunisia, to Egypt, to Morocco, to Yemen, to Kuwait, to Syria and of course Libya there has been constant scenes of unrest. I should not forget that Jordan and Bahrain had also been the subject of unrest, but at least in Jordan the king, being a reformist, seems to have the upper hand. It is not over in Libya by any stretch of the imagination, but the situation could be improving now that Saif al-Islam Gadhafi and General Senussi have both been captured. In contrast to the treated delivered by the Misrata Brigade, the people from Zintan have looked after their high profile captive. It will be interesting to see what comes of the interrogation of Senussi because I expect that he is the person behind the Lockerbie bombing, as well as a number of other criminal acts.

However, this is not about Libya (there is a lot of unknowns regarding Libya at this moment in time), but it is about Egypt. The “revolution” in Egypt was hailed as part of the “Arab Spring”. It was supposed to be a new beginning in Egypt. Muburrak was forced to step down, his son was arrested, and eventually he was arrested and faces trial. However, the people are not happy. Now I am still not sure of the make-up of those protesters, as I suspect that they were financed by certain Leftist interests, even so, the group is a mixed bag because it not only includes the left wing, but it includes Islamists and members of Muslim Brotherhood. There is also another element to consider: the Egyptian army.

One report that I saw recently suggested that the Egyptian army was quite happy to tell Muburrak to go, not because of him, but because they did not want Gamal, his son to take over when he died. This might logically explain why the army have been trying to cement their own power behind the scenes.

Just like in Libya, there are multiple players. Unlike Libya, some of the players are not being all that open about their intentions. The Muslim Brotherhood are continuing to try and hoodwink the people about their political intentions. The name of Mr. Potato Head, er make that el Baradei keeps cropping up, but that man should not even be running for President. However, there are other names and other players, and all of them are hostile to Israel.

The first of the expected elections took place in Tunisia. The winner of the elections was the Ennhada party. This is the MB party in Tunisia. They have promised to remain moderate, but can they really keep that promise.

In Yemen, Saana keeps refusing to give up power, and he continues to cling to that power. After the attack on his palace that had caused him some injuries, Saana went to Saudi Arabia for treatment, and to the peoples’ dismay he returned. The thing to watch in Yemen is the rise of any party associated with Al Qaeda. Yemen is, after all, a stronghold for Yemen in the ME.

Syria remains a major concern. This is a conflict which is not strictly about corruption. It is really about tribal and religious conflict. President Assad belongs to the minority Alawite tribe. The issue here is that they are the minority. However, Assad is propped up by Iran and Russia. The Russians are not going to let Syria be taken from their grasp in the same way that they lost influence over Libya. Russia is doing everything it can to divert the UN from implementing sanctions upon Syria. Iran has been providing the forces for the crackdown on the people. More than 3500 people have been killed in Syria. The opposition is made up of different people, including soldiers who have deserted from the army.

As the Syrian crisis continues to escalate, western countries need to think about their stance. At this stage of the game it is far better to be neutral than to get involved. It does not mean that there should be no condemnation of what Assad done, on the contrary, Assad should be condemned for the 3500 deaths. You cannot claim that these people were shooting each other, and it is not true that the Assad troops were killed by the “rebels”. On the contrary, the evidence had been that there were people killed because they refused to carry out orders. We do know what happened.

The protests have not brought peace, or even “justice” and instead they have brought turmoil.


Feathering their own nests pt 2

This is not about Washington and the Congresscritters. It is not even about Australian politicians and union officials who take to feathering their own nests. For reference you might want to research the name Craig Thomson (Thompson) who was a union official who feathered his own nest and a check on the life history of Juliar Dullard would also bring up some interesting results from her past.  No, this is about James Hansen the climate scaremonger.

The Greenroom at HotAir has up a post on James Hansen that is well worth reading. It seems that James has not been declaring all of the income and benefits that he has received from private sources and the amount is quite substantial.

Amongst those who paid for the services of James Hansen is the WWF, so why should I be surprised? I am not in the least bit surprised because there is a common thread with these scaremongers and that is their entry into strident politics. The WWF is not the slightest bit interested in cute and cuddly polar bears. Neither are they really interested in saving the whales. Those things are simply a means to an end.

Hansen, on the other hand, has used his position as an astronomer to peddle an idea that has seen him enrich himself to the tune of more than $1,000,000.  The more he got paid, the more he became strident and the more he has exaggerated his climate claims.

Man’s activities as a cause of naturally occurring changes in the climate is nothing more than a scam, and a hoax. The people who promote this scam are connected to Marxism. Their real aim is the redistribution of income, which in the long term is to the detriment of everybody.

Do you really think that Saudi Arabia and Libya, Kuwait and the UAE want to see the growth of a solar panel industry? Neither do I.  The truth is that oil and gas are far better alternatives to this “alternative” energy that is touted as being green. Let’s be real here and state the obvious – wind power is not viable. Solar power is useful in some regions but it cannot create enough power for the millions of homes that require energy. 

Just a few things to add here: first of all, Disney was experimenting with solar power way back in the 1980s (and earlier) at Disneyworld where the monorail was run on solar power. This is one of the things that had remained imprinted on my mind from my visit to DisneyWorld in 1985 – that the monrail was powered by experimental solar power.  Second, we did have solar panels installed, and yes we have had a rebate on the power (allegedly excess sold to the grid). However, this only works whilst the government has such a policy in place, and the other side of the coin is that electricity costs are high probably as a partial result of this particular scheme. Here in Australia there is ample opportunity for the sun to shine and make a difference. That is not the case in other parts of the world. That means solar is not necessarily a totally viable option.

However, let’s get back to the globull warming scam and the feathering of nests. It is not just James Hansen who has enriched himself out of this scam. There are others who have taken advantage of various schemes, including scams in Europe relating to emissions trading. There are members of the IPCC such as Pauchari who have grown very wealthy out of this scam. Here in Australia it is the flim flam man, otherwise known as Tim Flannery, a paelontologist (sp) who has been the go to man for the scheme, and Timmy has invested in geothermal…. probably because he thought he could make money out of this probable alternative source of energy.

These are the people who run around making outrageous claims. Everytime the scaremongering dies down they seem to get nervous because those of us who are sceptics get a larger following, then suddenly to make sure they are not forgotten they start up a new round of scaremongering. The latest IPCC report is yet another document full of lies and scaremongering without any proper evidence. Keep in mind that the watermelon minions who are at the beck and call of these elitists who are feathering their own nests love to throw around the notion that there is scientific consensus, and some have this fascination for people who have won Nobel prizes, even when not deserved, but they never really look beneath the surface to see that the whole thing has that stink of being a false religion.

Crony Capitalism

From the Big Site, there are several good articles on the issues surrounding the crony capitalism of the Østupid administration, the worst ever POTUS in the history of the USA. One of the big scandals of this current administration relates to loans given to Solyndra but it goes well beyond Solyndra.

The crony capitalism is extended to several companies involved in the b.s. green energy programs. All of them involve loans going to companies associated with DNC and Østupid bundlers and donors.

The scandals are best explained in the following way: Østupid appointed certain individuals to the DoE to oversight the loans via the stimulus program. If you think that Solyndra was a big scandal, then what about the money given to Robert Kennedy Jr. as well as to Ted Turner and others for their projects where there has been no return on the investment, and most definitely there has been no increase in employment numbers (or a decrease in unemployment) as a result of taxpayers money going to these companies.

Green energy for all intents and purposes is pretty much a sham and a scam. I will say this, though, solar panels can decrease your electricity costs, but they are in fact a short term fix and they are not viable for industry as a whole. Those wind things are a total waste of money and they are a total blot on the landscape, as well as being a total eyesore. To make it worse those horrid turbines, as well as being boisy alos kill birds. This notion of clean energy is just a joke.

Feathering their own nest

As if the White House scandals are not enough, we now have a Congressional scandal which is starting to escalate. As a foreign supporter of Gov. Sarah Palin, I must admit that I have little sympathy for Rep Bachus, since he has been caught allegedly taking advantage of private information. Bachus is not alone in these misdeeds, and I do consider the information about Pelosi to be far worse, because she held up legislation relating to credit cards whilst she gained financially from stock options that she had received from the Visa company.

The latest information seems to be that Bachus has now agreed to set up a committee hearing, and that they will consider a bill put forward by Louise Slaughter (what could go wrong with that bill!!).

It is amusing that Barney Frank is telling Bachus what to do when it was Barney Frank who failed to ensure that this Congressional Insider Trading was made illegal, just like it is for people trading on Wall Street or for the likes of Martha Stewart. You do not need to like or know Martha Stewart to feel sympathy for her under the circumstances because Congresscritters have been taking full advantage of their inside information to enrich themselves.

There is a term called “feathering one’s own nest”. This scandal that has been opened by Peter Schwiezer from the Big sites is actually quite explosive. It has shone the light on the way in which Congress has become a place for these critters to literally feather their own nest and at the expense of the population as a whole.

You may disagree, but full marks go to Susan Collins, Scott Brown and Lieberman for the actions that they have taken in the Senate on the matter so that it is clamped down. I just hope that whatever is proposed is not full of holes.

Occubaggers vs TEA Movement

It could be said that the people behind the far left Occupy movement moved a year too soon with their antics. The reason for making such a bold statement is my own belief that the movement was set up to bolster the chances of the fraud in the White House to be re-elected in 2012.

Some people claim that the OWS movement is some kind of offshoot of the Arab Spring. This might be true, if it can be proved that the Arab Spring, and especially the occupation in Tahrir Square in Egypt was planned by Marxists, who had been working covertly to overthrow the Egyptian government. It is worth noting that the spark that was lit in Tunisia was set by a young man who had no known political affiliations, but it should also be noted that his fiery death was seized upon by people with political ambition. It should also be noted that the spark in Libya was not so much the protests that started in Benghazi but the regime brutal reaction to those protests. In this respect there was a plan, that the regime violence actually brought more people into the fray.

However, OWS and those involved have little in common with the people of Libya, Tunisia and Syria in particular. They have not been suppressed or repressed via violence, sudden disappearances, torture and the like which had been a common feature in those Islamic countries of the Middle East.  The only thing that they might have in common is the high levels of unemployment. Even in Spain, where young people occupied a public square in Madrid, the only common bond is unemployment. The Spanish young people were protesting a Marxist government!!

Lifting the curtain on the OWS movement (or Occubaggers), reveals some interesting tidbits of information. This movement that was endorsed by the corrupt Østupid and the more corrupt Nancy Pelosi, just for starters, was started by far left extremists within American life. They use “Wall Street” as their reason for their anger, but the truth is very different from the facade that gets reported by the LSM. There are plenty of other web sites where you can read about the people behind the Occubaggers, including White House personnel such as Patrick Gaspard, as well as other extreme far left individuals as William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn. (hmm… they also showed up in Egypt).

The occupation in Zuccotti Park was the signal for Marxists and Anarchists in cities around the world to follow with similar actions. In some instances, such as here in Australia the first efforts were short lived. I give credit to the city of Melbourne to be amongst the first to move the riff-raff out of the city and to remove their camps. Unfortunately the riff-raff moved themselves to the Treasury Gardens, but once again Melbourne has moved against them and evicted them from their campsite. Oh watch the little piggies scream!! It took Sydney a little longer to remove the rabble from Martin Place, but they were also moved on- and yes the little piggies also squealed that it was not fair to be moved on. The situation in Perth was a little different because it was the host to world leaders for the CHOGM conference. Again the rabble and riff-raff were moved on. They were not able to do the damage that they had done in the past where they had caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. Poor little piggies……..

However, we must come back to the Occubaggers in the USA. All I can say is that they are a most unsavoury lot – not even the group outside of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London have been quite as obnoxious as the Occubaggers within the USA. There have been deaths from drug overdoses, as well as a few murders. There have been reports of rapes, theft and general levels of violence. At some venues there have been fires causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. In at least one location (Oakland) there has been anarchist style violence with again thousands of dollars of damage to businesses.

Finally, the mayors of those major American cities had enough, especially when the conditions had been quite unsanitary. Did I mention that in Atlanta there has been an outbreak of TB?  Please note: TB is not the same as the Plague that swept Europe several times. The Plague is caused by an infestation of rats. TB is a different virus. A person of note who died as a result of TB was St. Bernadette of Sourbris who is associated with Lourdes, in France. There have also been infestations of lice, STDs and other diseases. The clearing of Zuccoti Park has finally showed that NYC is heading back towards some sanity. At least it was carried out for the right reason – the unsanitary conditions within the park.

Now it seems that the London authorities have decided to move against the Occubaggers who have been camped outside of St. Paul’s Cathedral. The left-wing numbskulls in charge of St. Paul’s Cathedral have been useless in the way that they handled the situation. Their far left politics have shown that none of them are fit to be servants of Jesus Christ. In particular I point to the failures of that nit wit Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury. I have absolutely no time at all for this particular man. He is not fit to be an Archbishop.  As a result it has been the City of London that has posted the eviction notices on the tents of the Occubaggers. (Please note that not everyone who has been there should be considered as anarchist or anything like that, since some people have been taken in by the movement for whatever reason – some of them at least have been upset over the damage caused by the anarchists amongst them).

The Guardian reports that the eviction notices have been served and that the occubaggers must vacate the area where they have been residing. Of interest in the eviction notice are the reasons given:

“Through the erection of tents and other structures, you and others involved in the Protest Camp have taken possession and control of the Red Land from the City of London Corporation without its consent.

“The Protest Camp is therefore a trespass. It is also an unreasonable obstruction of the highway. The Protest Camp does not have planning permission and causes significant harm to the area.”

So here we have a government that is willing to serve an eviction based upon trespassing on public property and without planning permission.

Just as the people in New York have been arrogant in their stance, the mob in London have been arrogant. They seem to think that they have the right to obstruct businesses with their actions. They have cost the businesses around St. Paul’s Cathedral a very large sum of money.  Please read the whole article to get an insight into their arrogance. They seem to think that whatever they do trumps the rights of everyone else. That is not really the way that free speech works.

In my own frame of reference I can contrast this to the days of the Vietnam War era where I witnessed very large demonstrations. The moratoriums were held in major capital cities in Australia. There were literally thousands in attendance, and they marched in the main streets of Melbourne for example, in an orderly fashion. That is not to say that there was not violence – there most certainly was violence. However, the fact that they kept moving meant that they were indeed less disruptive than the riff-raff that is part of the Marxist OWS movement. I can remember on one occasion where I had an appointment in the city of Melbourne on the day that there was a demonstration. I managed to get to my appointment and did not participate in any way with the moratorium marches. Also, those anti-Vietnam demonstrations were staged by Marxists, including the known Communist associated unions. There were thousands more at those demonstrations than what has appeared for the OWS “protests”.

Now compare all of this to the TEA movement. There are so many differences that it is hard to list all of them. However, I will start with the gaining of a permit to hold a peaceful rally. I think that this is one of the major differences between the two movements. The TEA movement had a purpose – Taxed Enough Already. On the other hand the Occubaggers waffle about “corporate greed”. Most of those attending would not know whether or not there is wealth inequality because they have not even held a job. On top of that their inconsistency is absolutely astounding since they laud the likes of Steve Jobs who was in fact quite money hungry (p.s. I am a PC kind of person and prefer the open system architecture to that of Apple). In fact the use of laptops etc. shows a lot of inconsistency when it comes to the ideology of those involved in the movement.

There is something sinister about the Occubaggers. They refuse to accept their notices of eviction, screaming their right to free speech, yet these are the same people who want to restrict the right of the TEA movement to express their dissatisfaction over government corruption. More than that, I find it sinister when some of them start talking about setting fire to New York, and also threatening Macey’s Department Store. Having stayed at a hotel (Holiday Inn) not very far from Macey’s Department Store in 2009, I feel quite perturbed that these individuals would put so many lives, and businesses at risk. What has Macey’s done to them? What have those other businesses done to them? 

There are many other differences between the two movements, but I think what is really important is that the Occubaggers are indeed the ones who have an incoherent message. They talk about corporate greed, yet they display envy towards others. They also show that they are economic illiterates.

The Solyndra Scandal: the wider issues

According to Hot Air, the White House is refusing to accept the subpoena from the Congress. The post from Hot Air has me thinking about some of the wider issues involved with this particular scandal.

1. This is evidence of the way in which Østupid has always done his deals.  As you are all aware Larry Wells has been doing a stupendous job covering the early history of Østupid with his real pay for play scandals. The LSM has continued to put their fingers in their ears as they go around singing “la la la la”. The Blagojavich scandal is directly linked to the Solyndra scandal.

2. George Kaiser, the CEO of Solyndra was a major campaign bundler for Østupid. This should be ringing alarm bells – perhaps the Liberty Bell should be ringing over such a revelation.

3. Østupid claims that making the guarantees for Solyndra was “a good bet”. Really?  Let’s just look at how Østupid had done business in Chicago with a range of individuals who are now in prison or have been charged with felonies. Blagojevich is a good starting point, but he is a small cog in the wheel.

HotAir has rightly picked up on some of the wider issues that can be raised over the mere fact that the Department of Energy gave Solyndra those guarantees that were worth more then $500 million. The terminology that springs to mind is PAY TO PLAY. George Kaiser as a member of the DNC was not arms length when it came to such a loan being guaranteed. His position as a major fundraiser and bundler for the Østupid campaign smacks of cronyism, and of course there is that stench or taint that this loan guarantee was indeed a payback for helping this crook gain the White House.

This scandal is far worse than anything that was done by Tricky Dicky Nixon. It is worse than anything done by the Kennedys and it is way worse than anything contemplated by Roosevelt.  It is cronyism at its worst.

Yet, there is hardly a word about this scandal in the LSM. The LSM need to start manning up and they need to start doing their job – reporting on such matters that really are scandalous. Taxpayer money is being thrown in the toilet. It is not just Pigford which was a reparations cover-up, and it is not just Solyndra. There is another scandal brewing, related to wifi networks.

The Solyndra Scandal – White House subpoened

Amongst the continuing scandals that have been rocking the nations (which come from the White House incompetence), is the financial one involving the “green” odor sniffing company Solyndra.

The basics of the scandal are the following:

1. George Kaiser is a Dhimmicrat who bundled large sums of money for FKO during 2008.

2. Solyndra benefited from being given a loan of $535 million of “stimulus” money. (I may have some of the details wrong, but this is the barest description for the moment).

3. Solyndra blew that $535 million in one year, and has gone bankrupt.

4. Østupid was so impressed with the way that the money was wasted, that he gave Kaiser a further $469 million to shoot to the breeze.

This is a subject that needs to be researched. It smacks of cronyism and in particular it smacks of pay to play politics.

It is now being reported that the White House is being subpoened over this particular scandal.