The Solyndra Scandal: the wider issues

According to Hot Air, the White House is refusing to accept the subpoena from the Congress. The post from Hot Air has me thinking about some of the wider issues involved with this particular scandal.

1. This is evidence of the way in which Østupid has always done his deals.  As you are all aware Larry Wells has been doing a stupendous job covering the early history of Østupid with his real pay for play scandals. The LSM has continued to put their fingers in their ears as they go around singing “la la la la”. The Blagojavich scandal is directly linked to the Solyndra scandal.

2. George Kaiser, the CEO of Solyndra was a major campaign bundler for Østupid. This should be ringing alarm bells – perhaps the Liberty Bell should be ringing over such a revelation.

3. Østupid claims that making the guarantees for Solyndra was “a good bet”. Really?  Let’s just look at how Østupid had done business in Chicago with a range of individuals who are now in prison or have been charged with felonies. Blagojevich is a good starting point, but he is a small cog in the wheel.

HotAir has rightly picked up on some of the wider issues that can be raised over the mere fact that the Department of Energy gave Solyndra those guarantees that were worth more then $500 million. The terminology that springs to mind is PAY TO PLAY. George Kaiser as a member of the DNC was not arms length when it came to such a loan being guaranteed. His position as a major fundraiser and bundler for the Østupid campaign smacks of cronyism, and of course there is that stench or taint that this loan guarantee was indeed a payback for helping this crook gain the White House.

This scandal is far worse than anything that was done by Tricky Dicky Nixon. It is worse than anything done by the Kennedys and it is way worse than anything contemplated by Roosevelt.  It is cronyism at its worst.

Yet, there is hardly a word about this scandal in the LSM. The LSM need to start manning up and they need to start doing their job – reporting on such matters that really are scandalous. Taxpayer money is being thrown in the toilet. It is not just Pigford which was a reparations cover-up, and it is not just Solyndra. There is another scandal brewing, related to wifi networks.

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  1. The GOD, Nigel Farage

    Haven’t heard from “my buddy”, Nigel, the greatest living politician and statesman, for quite a while. Glad to see he is still in good form. Here are some notes excerpted from a London newspaper:

    Senior officials cause outrage by suggesting member states should drop their flags in favour of the EU design.

    UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said this is further evidence of Britain’s identity being trampled.

    By Mail On Sunday Reporter

    Last updated at 1:59 AM on 6th November 2011

    It has become traditional for David Cameron to appear at European summits in front of both the Union Jack and the EU emblem to illustrate the ‘dual sovereignty’ between London and Brussels. But now a senior EU official has caused outrage by appearing to suggest that the national flags of member states should be dropped in favour of the EU design of a circle of stars on a blue background.

    Christine Roger, the communications director of the European Council, the EU’s governing body, made her comments in a speech to 650 ‘spin doctors’ from local authorities across Europe, including the UK. She called for a new, dedicated public-relations budget to help ‘sell’ the EU as a ‘brand’ to its increasingly disenchanted citizens.

    In her speech, a copy of which has been seen by The Mail on Sunday, Ms Roger – a veteran Brussels apparatchik – posed a series of leading questions, including how Europe should be defined. ‘Are we talking about a state-to-be? About a federation?’ she asked. Then, as she flashed up a picture of French President Nicolas Sarkozy standing next to both a French and EU flag, she said: ‘How much do we believe in ourselves? For how long will we see Heads of State with the European flag alongside the national flag? If we don’t believe in ourselves, why should the world outside do so?’

    UKIP leader Nigel Farage described the plans as a further example of national identities being trampled.

    This summit was a disgusting waste of taxpayers’ money, typical of the delusional EU and its staff who see any disaster as an opportunity and think that money grows on trees. This organisation has recently voted to increase its budget while hard-working people struggle in a financial crisis.

    Their choices and priorities are so unwelcome and so unhelpful it’s as if they are having a competition within the EU to see who can be the most stupid. I must say, the competition is looking pretty fierce.