Crony Capitalism

From the Big Site, there are several good articles on the issues surrounding the crony capitalism of the Østupid administration, the worst ever POTUS in the history of the USA. One of the big scandals of this current administration relates to loans given to Solyndra but it goes well beyond Solyndra.

The crony capitalism is extended to several companies involved in the b.s. green energy programs. All of them involve loans going to companies associated with DNC and Østupid bundlers and donors.

The scandals are best explained in the following way: Østupid appointed certain individuals to the DoE to oversight the loans via the stimulus program. If you think that Solyndra was a big scandal, then what about the money given to Robert Kennedy Jr. as well as to Ted Turner and others for their projects where there has been no return on the investment, and most definitely there has been no increase in employment numbers (or a decrease in unemployment) as a result of taxpayers money going to these companies.

Green energy for all intents and purposes is pretty much a sham and a scam. I will say this, though, solar panels can decrease your electricity costs, but they are in fact a short term fix and they are not viable for industry as a whole. Those wind things are a total waste of money and they are a total blot on the landscape, as well as being a total eyesore. To make it worse those horrid turbines, as well as being boisy alos kill birds. This notion of clean energy is just a joke.

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