Feathering their own nest

As if the White House scandals are not enough, we now have a Congressional scandal which is starting to escalate. As a foreign supporter of Gov. Sarah Palin, I must admit that I have little sympathy for Rep Bachus, since he has been caught allegedly taking advantage of private information. Bachus is not alone in these misdeeds, and I do consider the information about Pelosi to be far worse, because she held up legislation relating to credit cards whilst she gained financially from stock options that she had received from the Visa company.

The latest information seems to be that Bachus has now agreed to set up a committee hearing, and that they will consider a bill put forward by Louise Slaughter (what could go wrong with that bill!!).

It is amusing that Barney Frank is telling Bachus what to do when it was Barney Frank who failed to ensure that this Congressional Insider Trading was made illegal, just like it is for people trading on Wall Street or for the likes of Martha Stewart. You do not need to like or know Martha Stewart to feel sympathy for her under the circumstances because Congresscritters have been taking full advantage of their inside information to enrich themselves.

There is a term called “feathering one’s own nest”. This scandal that has been opened by Peter Schwiezer from the Big sites is actually quite explosive. It has shone the light on the way in which Congress has become a place for these critters to literally feather their own nest and at the expense of the population as a whole.

You may disagree, but full marks go to Susan Collins, Scott Brown and Lieberman for the actions that they have taken in the Senate on the matter so that it is clamped down. I just hope that whatever is proposed is not full of holes.

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