Feathering their own nests pt 2

This is not about Washington and the Congresscritters. It is not even about Australian politicians and union officials who take to feathering their own nests. For reference you might want to research the name Craig Thomson (Thompson) who was a union official who feathered his own nest and a check on the life history of Juliar Dullard would also bring up some interesting results from her past.  No, this is about James Hansen the climate scaremonger.

The Greenroom at HotAir has up a post on James Hansen that is well worth reading. It seems that James has not been declaring all of the income and benefits that he has received from private sources and the amount is quite substantial.

Amongst those who paid for the services of James Hansen is the WWF, so why should I be surprised? I am not in the least bit surprised because there is a common thread with these scaremongers and that is their entry into strident politics. The WWF is not the slightest bit interested in cute and cuddly polar bears. Neither are they really interested in saving the whales. Those things are simply a means to an end.

Hansen, on the other hand, has used his position as an astronomer to peddle an idea that has seen him enrich himself to the tune of more than $1,000,000.  The more he got paid, the more he became strident and the more he has exaggerated his climate claims.

Man’s activities as a cause of naturally occurring changes in the climate is nothing more than a scam, and a hoax. The people who promote this scam are connected to Marxism. Their real aim is the redistribution of income, which in the long term is to the detriment of everybody.

Do you really think that Saudi Arabia and Libya, Kuwait and the UAE want to see the growth of a solar panel industry? Neither do I.  The truth is that oil and gas are far better alternatives to this “alternative” energy that is touted as being green. Let’s be real here and state the obvious – wind power is not viable. Solar power is useful in some regions but it cannot create enough power for the millions of homes that require energy. 

Just a few things to add here: first of all, Disney was experimenting with solar power way back in the 1980s (and earlier) at Disneyworld where the monorail was run on solar power. This is one of the things that had remained imprinted on my mind from my visit to DisneyWorld in 1985 – that the monrail was powered by experimental solar power.  Second, we did have solar panels installed, and yes we have had a rebate on the power (allegedly excess sold to the grid). However, this only works whilst the government has such a policy in place, and the other side of the coin is that electricity costs are high probably as a partial result of this particular scheme. Here in Australia there is ample opportunity for the sun to shine and make a difference. That is not the case in other parts of the world. That means solar is not necessarily a totally viable option.

However, let’s get back to the globull warming scam and the feathering of nests. It is not just James Hansen who has enriched himself out of this scam. There are others who have taken advantage of various schemes, including scams in Europe relating to emissions trading. There are members of the IPCC such as Pauchari who have grown very wealthy out of this scam. Here in Australia it is the flim flam man, otherwise known as Tim Flannery, a paelontologist (sp) who has been the go to man for the scheme, and Timmy has invested in geothermal…. probably because he thought he could make money out of this probable alternative source of energy.

These are the people who run around making outrageous claims. Everytime the scaremongering dies down they seem to get nervous because those of us who are sceptics get a larger following, then suddenly to make sure they are not forgotten they start up a new round of scaremongering. The latest IPCC report is yet another document full of lies and scaremongering without any proper evidence. Keep in mind that the watermelon minions who are at the beck and call of these elitists who are feathering their own nests love to throw around the notion that there is scientific consensus, and some have this fascination for people who have won Nobel prizes, even when not deserved, but they never really look beneath the surface to see that the whole thing has that stink of being a false religion.

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