Climategate 2.0

The news has been a bit sparse over the past week, except that Tony Rezko has finally been sentenced. I am yet to see how well this is being covered in the LSM.

The occubaggers continue on with their pooping in the parks, their urinating in the doorways of shops, throwing molotov cocktails, and generally being a nuisance. What else is new?

Just in time for the Durban conference on the farce known as the IPCC conference on the hoax called man made climate change, the anonymous “hacker” has released another 5000 emails. The process has been exactly the same with the emails being uploaded to a Russian server. From what I have seen of their contents, these emails actually reinforce the first lot.

Michael Mann and Phil Jones are a disgrace. Both of them should be thrown out of academia. What is more, they talk about “the cause”. What exactly is the cause? Do they mean the cause of George Soros to promote a one world government? If you do not remember, George Soros actually spoke about his delusions with regard to one world government at Copenhagen.

The approach of the Gaia worshippers is that these “scientists” have been cleared, even though the inquiries into their wrongdoing were a complete whitewash. They have alread spread the meme that the emails are to be ignored, and to push the idea that these “scientists” have already been probed and were cleared.

However, the new emails should in fact mean that there be fresh inquiries, this time led by outside third parties that will remain impartial. It is important that any further enquiry should be one that is not partisan, with no agenda to prop up the alarmism.

Some of the things that have come out should be cause for concern, including the proposition that they tell lies about the Great Barrier Reef. Well, there is one “scientist” by the name of Hoegh (sp) who does get on the news every so often and make claims that are patently false, since he does not even consider the impact of the Crown of Thorns starfish upon the reef. FYI when there is an infestation of the crown of thorns starfish the reef begins to die, but once this pest is eradicated the reef bounces back. Also, in the tropical areas, the reef is affected by cyclones and a number of other phenomen, which of course goes against the Globull warming meme.

Have you ever considered why they tried to change the name from Globull Warming to climate change? The real facts and these emails show that they did not have the data that supported their claims if they continued to call it globull warming, so they decided to call it climate change instead. How unoriginal. I think calling it “weather” would be more accurate.

The world is being conned by a group of individuals who want the research dollars. This much is obvious from the emails that have been released. It shows most of them to be unconscionable, but there is some hope because one person was active in trying to get them to talk with each other.

I note here, that Judith Curry, the professor who studies things like hurricanes and who was on the Mueller (sp) team that recently released a paper, has not exactly agreed with that paper, and it seems that Curry herself is at odds with these same individuals. This is because Judith Curry wants to engage the sceptics. As a result Jones and Mann are not willing to take her into their confidence. In that case, more power to Judith Curry as she seeks to educate people on the topic.


7 responses to “Climategate 2.0

  1. without reading the article, I will pose a question: has anyone linked the demise of Europe to the watermelon scams?

    For example Spain was going along nicely until they joined the Eurozone and then borrowed money to build those bridges as well as building those windfarms.

    How many countries that have built windfarms are on the brink of going bust?


  2. you know Carlyle no one is giving them a lot of time to settle down.

    The new government has barely been formed. It is nothing like Gadhafi. It is not based upon Communism.

    Shariah law was already in existence.

    What people are unwilling to accept is that Gadhafi was breaching the human rights of Libyans.

    As for the group that is feeling the heat, I am actually lacking in sympathy for them, especially over what took place regarding Misrata.

    Give them time… they are doing a lot better than Egypt right now. One cannot expect perfection.

    You can call it an epic fail when they start turning on the West.


  3. @Carlyle,

    during this past week I came across some very interesting information about JM Keynes and Hayek. It concerned their actual relationship. It also concerned the fact that Keynes read Hayek’s Road to Serfdom and more or less agreed with him on the subject.

    With regard to Krugman, I still believe that he is not a true Keynesian. If he was, then he would be willing to be more open with regard to the whole subject of Government interference.

    Keynes, in his treatise which Hayek had vigorously criticised, had a number of flaws. He did in fact take on board some of the criticisms and revised his opinion which was then published as “A General theory on employment etc.” I believe that Keynes still got it wrong because he failed to take into account the possible long term effects of government interference in the overall economy.

    The theory seems to be that a dollar injected into the economy will mulitply. The problem with the theory is that it did not take into account certain other factors.

    The Keynesian theory worked for a short time, before, during and immediately after the second world war, in the UK. It also worked in Australia up until the 1970s.

    What got in the way was stagflation. Working out the cause of the stagflation is something which economists such as Krugman have never done. If Keynes had not died suddenly in 1946 I have no doubt that he would have revised his theory to take into account the flaws that became evident over time.

    The missing elements in the theory include the impact of unions, government debt vs private sector borrowings, and of course the long term effect of inflation. Economies that tried to keep things under control attempted to pull the levers for both inflation and unemployment. Unfortunately with the deregulations that took place in the 1980s and beyond, many of the things that were static in the Keynesian style economy were no longer static.

    Of course the stimulus was never going to work!! This is what Krugman has not understood because he is a Marxist in outlook!!