Climategate 2.0 – the plods visit Tallbloke

The blogger known as Tallbloke lives in the U.K. The person/s who go under the name of FOIA and who are responsible for the leak of the CRU at East Anglia University emails, left a link to the Russian server where a second tranche of emails were found in a comment on Tallbloke’s blog. The blog itself is like my own from the point of view that he uses WordPress as the host for his blog. This is also true for a number of individuals who see themselves as Climate Sceptics, as well as someone like Dr. Judith Curry who is an expert on hurricanes, believes in globull warming but disagrees with the hype out of UAE, and also disagrees with Michal Mann’s hockey stick.

The other day the plods from Norfolk turned up on Tallbloke’s doorstep. There were more than 6 plods. They were polite when they entered the house. In the end they left with two laptops and a modem. He was told that they were going to clone the drives.

Prior to this event, the U.S. DOJ had sent a notice to WordPress indicating that they must freeze all data on the blog, as well as the blog called Watt’ up with that run by Anthony Watts, Climate Audit and at least one other blog. They gave as a reason that they were investigating the commission of a crime. Hmmm…..they really should be investigating the crimes committed by Phil Jones and Michael Mann… but that is another story. 

The action of the DOJ came about because the UK police asked for their assistance. This is different from the action taken against the Canadian who hosts a bloghost site, and who was shut down, not by the FBI, but by his own web host provider, for alleged breaches. I will remind you, that in that particular case, there really was a crime that had been committed. The late Samir Kahn was using that blog host site to upload issues of the Al Qaeda “Inspire” Magazine. There were no grounds for the webhost site to have suspended the blog hosting… but that is another story, and the man concerned did in fact get some compensation over the matter.

It would seem that the Norfolk plods were probably looking to see if there was any evidence of communications between FOIA and Tallbloke. However, the real question is whether or not a crime can be said to have been committed. This is an issue that is tied to an interpretation of whether or not the computer at the CRU was hacked, and the emails were “liberated” as a result of a hack, which can be seen to be a criminal act, or on the other hand that FOIA is not a “hacker”, but is a whistleblower. Personally, I agree with those who think it is an inside job.

The real scandal in this saga is something that is just starting to show itself and it involves people who are high up in government. All of them are a part of the big scam to pull the wool over the eyes of a long suffering public.


4 responses to “Climategate 2.0 – the plods visit Tallbloke

  1. Pretty much echos MY view.

    I am no fan of Gingrich. But neither am I a fan of anyone else. All have weaknesses. Either a new candidate miraculously appears or we have to work with what we have. At this point that seems to be either Romney or Gingrich. Of the two, Gingrich has more skill and apparently more willingness to rip into F. King Obama. Perhaps that is all we can ask for.


  2. Well I totally disagree about Romney being the alternative choice!!!!

    Here is my take on the candidates:

    1. Any Gingrich adultery is now moot. The Dhimmicrats accepted Bill Clinton knowing that he had committed adultery. End of story.

    2. Romney is an unacceptable candidate for a variety of reasons.

    3. RP is totally unacceptable. This time I am going on feelings, and the man really creeps me out.

    4. Michele Bachmann should shut up and go home. Whilst I think a woman can handle the role of POTUS, Bachmann is not the woman for the job.

    5. Gary Johnson is another libertarian. At least with him he has a good provable fiscal record. That is something that RP lacks. As a governor in New Mexico Gary Johnson did turn around their economy. He has good economic advisors. His weakness is foreign policy.

    6. Rick who?

    7. Jon Huntsman should be running as a Dhimmicrat.


  3. Like I said, I am not fond of any of them. It is extremely depressing and embarrassing that we don’t seem to be able to collect a good pool to choose from. I like Marco Rubio the best – but he is not a Natural Born Citizen. So, where does that leave us?

    Speaking of wich, some of our ‘friends’ like WND are pushing Rubio for either VP now or POTUS in 2016. At the same time they are pissing on F. King Obama for not being NBC. What is the matter with these people. Don’t they see that this frames them exactly as zealots and racists, just like the Lunatic Liberals claim. SIGH.


  4. I agree with most of this also – – –