The curious case of Bradley Manning

First of all, a bit of a shout out to Gay Patriot because those guys are proving once again that there are gays out there who do not behave like the Bradley Mannings of this world. How can I explain this statement? The first time that I heard about Bradley Manning I knew that he was a gay, and that he was using his alleged treatment, or something like that, since I thought the original excuse was that he had a tiff with an ex-lover, in the Defense Force as a reason for his actions. His defense team are claiming maltreatment and of all things a gender dissonance for his actions, and to this the people behind the blog GayPatriot are saying “mushroom fodder”.   (sorry for the lack of a link because I did not save the post).

Second, as the commitment proceedings continue it seems that Mr. Manning is not being entirely truthful regarding everything that took place. The prosecution witness with what might be considered a lack of credibility is a former hacker who had a drug problem at one point. However, it is this former hacker who did in fact turn Manning in to the authorities. The hacker thought that Manning had gone too far. According to the witness evidence, Manning sought him out via Facebook, and he thought that this was in order to brag about what he had done.

Third, there was another witness, his superior who also took the stand today, and this is quite curious because it seems that Bradley Manning had attacked her a few weeks before his arrest.  Is it possible that Manning actually thought that he would get caught, and that he provoked the attack in order to set up a scenario that would give him cover?

This left-wing person knew exactly what he was doing when he joined the Armed Services. He knew about the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. Hundreds, if not thousands of gay men and women have served with unblemished records, and they have not had the alleged difficulties as claimed by Manning. His whole intention was to hack into the computer servers and find those emails or cables that he passed on to Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Everything he did was deliberate. He should be court-martialled and he should be found guilty and receive a very stiff sentence.


5 responses to “The curious case of Bradley Manning

  1. I predict that not much will happen to him. And if it does, F. King Obama will pardon him somewhere down the line.

    The reason being, of course, that poor little Bradley was horribly persecuted by the outrageous and Procrustean military anti-gay phobias. All this turned him into a monster. Further you are no doubt aware that he showed a number of instabilities long before The Incident(s) and clearly should never have been let anywhere near any kind of secrets. But just like Major Hassan, nobody would touch him because he was a Lunatic Liberal protected class.

    So therefore, he will not (can not?) be singled out and slapped down. That kind of treatment needs to be reserved for the True Traitors among us like LtCol Lakin.


  2. Carlyle, on this I am going to disagree because we have yet to see the decision of the military court as to whether he will face a full court martial.

    This is a very different case from that of Terry Lakin. What we have here is the clear intent of Manning, which at the moment is being wrapped up in the lie that Manning was somehow persecuted by the military. It is not true.

    I think that what is outstanding here is that the major witness is himself a hacker who was caught, and Manning contacted him in order to brag about what he had done. On top of that there is the Assange connection.

    Poor little Julian is still p’ing himself because of the possibility of being sent back to Sweden where he faces questioning about what is considered as rape in Sweden. Julian Assange has a persecution complex that is far worse than the airy fairy statements made by Manning. In other words I think Manning is bunging on an act!!


  3. Yeah, Assange may indeed get nailed for rape charges. But not the spying and leaks. The Lunatic Left absolutely loves what he and Manning did and will not convict them for it. Heck, they want to encourage MORE of it.


  4. @Carlyle, and that is why Manning is facing a court martial, not a regular court!!

    Let’s not pre-empt the court martial. One thing on my mind is that the person who turned him in was himself a convicted hacker, and he has Asperger’s Syndrome. This young man has committed a crime of hacking yet he had enough ethics to see the difference when it came to government documents.

    Since Manning had a security clearance, he was sworn to uphold the secrecy provisions relating to government documents. He had no intention of keeping that oath when he joined the military.

    If they cannot get him on the actual hacking then they can get him on the fact that he disregarded his oath in relation to classified material.

    Fortunately some of the material, although embarrassing turned out to be a bit of a hoot, and I am talking about material relating to Australia. One person from the ALP was revealed as a bit of a bragger, and the whole episode of what went down was a storm in a teacup. However, that is not the case with other material which has put a number of lives in jeopardy.

    It is the fact that lives were put in jeopardy that means Bradley needs to be punished.

    As far as Assange is concerned, it seems that he did some kind of deal with Manning. Releasing classified material is not the same as releasing information that should be freely available, such as the emails of the “researchers” at the CRU of UEA. There is real public benefit in having those released… if you know what I mean….


  5. BTW the left-wing loonies are very much up in arms over the release of the Climategate emails. They keep using the word “hack” but so far no one has proved that there has been a hack. It is more likely that the release was the result of an insider leaking the information.